20 Most Beautiful Fall & Winter Crochet Patterns from Around the World – Holiday Crochet Pattern Round-Up!

Hi friends, hope the holiday season is treating you well!

I’ve been wanting to put together a round-up post for a while now, and I’m finally getting around to it.  I’ve been super busy with the Fair Isle Beanie Crochet-A-Long.  It’s my first crochet along and I absolutely love it, so keep and eye out for more – or better yet – join our CAL group!

In the meantime, I’ve put together some great cold weather patterns to make during these cold winter months.  Some are so easy, you may even get to create a few for gift giving!

Let’s get to it!

Here are 20 great crochet patterns to get your fingers tingling and wrapped around those crochet hooks.


1.   Valentine Crochet Pattern Set-Wrapped in Love Crochet Pattern Set-Pattern by Jo’s Crafty Hook

Joey has some beautiful designs, but this one just popped for me.  I love the little hearts and it just looks so cozy – I think I’ll be making this one soon ;).  This pattern would be great for kids and adults alike! – – you can find the pattern on Etsy here for $5.00!

Wrapped in Love Crochet Pattern

2.  Crochet Christmas Lights Blanket Pattern by ChristaCo Designs

Crystal’s designs are unique and creative.  She has a way of bringing out the warm and fuzzies in me with her cute patterns.

“I designed this Christmas Lights Blanket as a gift for my Aunt. Her birthday is just a few days before Christmas, so one of their family traditions is to go and see Christmas lights on her birthday. And isn’t that just the perfect way to celebrate a December birthday?”

This is such a cute blanket – Free – you can find the pattern on her blog here.

Crochet Christmas Lights Blanket

3.  1920’s Style Winter Sun Hat by Grammy’s Creations

Becky’s designs are tried and true.  She has such a flare for the creative, and has been doing this a long time – she knows what she is doing!

This is just such a cute design, I love it.  It comes in adult and child too!  You can find this pattern on Ravelry – here.

1920’s Style Winter Sun Hat
1920’s Style Winter Sun Hat
















4.  Bewitching Braids Cape Free Crochet Pattern by Nana’s Crafty Home

Tonya has a way of just making the most beautiful, easy to follow patterns.

This is just a stunning addition to any crochet wardrobe arsenal.  Beautifully crafted design – this a free pattern on her blog and you can find that here.

Bewitching Braids Cape

5.  Caribou Tracks Hat by Canoe Mountain Designs

Audrey has some really beautiful hats, and just about any style you want, you can find in her Ravelry store.  This one stuck out to me because I love the subtle cable design, so elegant, and classic in the ivory – find the pattern here.

Caribou Tracks Hat

6.  Fair Isle Snowflakes & Hearts Beanie – by Yours Truly (I know, I know, tooting my own horn here, but it’s my favorite creation to date)

Tested, tried, and true Fair Isle Crochet.  This beanie is easy to make, and looks just like knit.  The pattern has video links to teach you a few new tricks too.  Sizes come in adult small, medium and large – there is a toddler version too!  You can find this pattern on Ravelry or Etsy.

Fair Isle Snowflakes & Hearts Beanie
Fair Isle Snowflakes & Hearts Beanie

7.  Cliffs of Moher Triangle Scarf, triangle scarf crochet pattern by The HomeMaker by Emily.

This is a classic design with easy to follow instructions and simple stitches.  Emily has a way of creating classic designs, and even came up with her own crochet font!  It’s pretty cool.  You can find this pattern on Etsy, here.

Cliffs of Moher Triangle Scarf

8.  Cutie Cake Beanie by Natalia Johnson

Do I even need to create a reason to make this beautiful beanie?  Simply adorable pattern by Natalia.  You can find this pattern on Ravelry here.

9.   Men’s Boozie Boots/Beer Mugs by Tammy Murray

Tammy’s beer booties have to be one of the best bootie patterns I’ve seen in a while.  So cute!  I think I know a few guys (and girls) that would sport these like a rockstar!  You can find this pattern on Ravelry here.

Men’s Boozie Boots Beer Mugs
Men’s Boozie Boots/Beer Mugs

10.  The Darling Baby Dress Coat by The Crocheted Baby aka Crystal Widger

I actually helped Crystal test this pattern and it was so easy to make!  The design reminds me of the 1960’s style vintage children’s coats, and it is absolutely gorgeous.  It works up fast too.  You can find this pattern on Ravelry here.

The Darling Baby Dress Coat
The Darling Baby Dress Coat

11.  The Whirldwind Blanket by Rebecca Mattison

This blanket is just so cool.  I love the warbled design, it makes it feel like I’m spinning, but in a good way.  You can find Rebecca’s pattern on Ravelry here.  Check out all the different variations you can make with this one design!

Whirlwind Blanket

12.  Asymmetric Awareness & Hope by Heather McKay

Heather has an arsenal of absolutely beautiful cancer awareness patterns.  I chose this one because of the colors and the beautiful flow of the wrap.  I think you’ll enjoy making this one and also bring awareness to the awful disease that is cancer.  You can find this pretty pattern here.  Enjoy 20% off use the code ROUNDUP 🙂

Asymmetric Awareness & Hope Wrap
Asymmetric Awareness & Hope Wrap

13.  Hiedra Triangle Wrap by Lilinette Crochet

Ledwij’s designs are incredible.  Such unique style and original design aspects make this wrap a must have in your pattern collection.  You can find this pattern (and others) on Ravelry – here.

“Hiedra is Spanish for Ivy, which in turn was the inspiration for the colour scheme of this wrap. Isn’t October the most beautiful season in the Northern Hemisphere in terms of colours?”

Hiedra Triangle Wrap
Hiedra Triangle Wrap

14.   Summer Memory Cardigan by Anna Piskorz

Wow.  Just jaw dropping wow.  This design by Anna has be thinking I need to up my game! lol  Absolutely beautiful design.  You can find this ethereal design on Ravelry, here.

Summer Memory Caridgan
Summer Memory Cardigan

15.  Snowman Mason Jar Topper by  Deanna Rahill

Deanna’s created a beautiful snowman pattern for mason jars.  I love my mason jars, what a great way to decorate for the holidays with a personal touch.  You can find this pattern on Ravelry, here.

Snowman Mason Jar Topper


16.  Deer/Buck hat and shorts newborn set by Katherine Rombold

THIS IS SOOOO CUTE!  You better believe if I had a newborn, I’d be making this pattern.  Even the hat would be cute for a toddler!  You can find this adorable pattern on Katherine’s Ravelry page here.

Deer/Buck hat and shorts newborn set
Deer/Buck hat and shorts newborn set

18.  Crochet Elf Ear Hat and Shoes by Angie’s Crocheting

This is the ONLY item on our list that isn’t a pattern, but it’s so darn cute I couldn’t resist adding it to the list.  Need I say more?  Maybe if you message Angie, she will send you along to the pattern ;).  She is selling the set for $40.00 on Etsy – here.

Crochet Elf Ear Hat and Shoes

19.  Striped Elf Hat Holiday Hat Pattern by Ava Girl Patterns

Another adorable design for the holiday arsenal! You can find the pattern here.

20.  Neapolitan Scarf by Maria Keffler

Maria is a wonderful designer who primarily knits, but she is delving into the crochet world with abandon.  You can already tell she is going to be a star.  This scarf just stands out and is gorgeous.  You can find the pattern here.

Neapolitan Scarf

Well that’s it!  I hope you enjoy creating with these lovely patterns.

Happy Crocheting!






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