A Flower for Jenny – My Contribution

A few months ago while looking at crochet on Instagram, I came across a moving story of a young girl who was diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumor.  Her name is Jenny, and lives with her mother in Cheshire, England.  It seems they both came to the realization that she may not beat this cancer (heartbreaking).

Her last big finger up to cancer was to plan her own funeral, and she and her mother sent a message out to the crochet community to create flowers for her coffin.  I started immediately!   I found a cute puff stitch flower and made a string of them and sent them off.  I hope they reached their destination.  I must say the entire process was both heartbreaking and inspiring.  The out pour of love from the crochet community was massive and Jenny’s message was heard around the world.

If you would like to read more about Jenny’s story, her mother Amanda has a nice crochet website called Little Box of Crochet.    My heart is with Amanda and her Jenny, who has since passed.  Rest-in-peace sweet girl.  All the love ❤ in the universe to you.

A Flower for Jenny
A Flower for Jenny

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