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Snowflake Frenzy! Mystery CAL by Becky Dirlam

It’s so exciting to share our latest CAL!  This one is interesting because it’s a mystery!  There will be a new snowflake pattern everyday to work on throughout the 10 days!  Check out the details below, directly from the designer herself.  Join our CAL group on Facebook to participate in the all the antics and meet the designer.  😀

Details of the CAL

Hi, and welcome to the ​Snowflake Frenzy Crochet-A-Long​​, hosted in ​Crochet-A-Long with us on Facebook.

I am Becky Dirlam, and I will be guiding you through this wonderful adventure. 

Beginning December 9, 2018, through December 18th, a new PDF with a single snowflake pattern will be added to the Ravelry listing.

You will get an update telling you an updated file has been added. On December 18th, We will discuss creating the Garland to display all of your snowflakes. On December 19th, We will have the opportunity to show off our creations, and play some games, with prizes for those who are participating.

When our CAL ends on December 19, 2018, All of the patterns will be compiled in a single PDF for easy storage in your Ravelry Library.
Within the group, I will be available to offer tips, and tricks to help you achieve the pretty display you are after. To that end, I want you to think about how you want to use your snowflakes.

Do you want to add them to your Christmas Dining Table? Hang them on your tree? Strung across a doorway? OOODLES of them from the ceiling? Maybe you have thoughts to add to a pillow, for simple decor updates.

Just because we think of them as dainty little gems does not mean we have to run out and grab thread so small we need a magnifying glass to see where the hook goes. But, those are beautiful too.

Select product to work with based on your use, Perhaps you will use several different products. Once you see the photo of the day, you may decide this one is for coasters for the cookie exchange party, Or I want to give my daughter a set of these for her family tree.

Please be open to a variety of things, because, after all, A White Christmas means a lot of different things.

Now, One last note. I live in North Carolina, and as it would happen, it is forecast that we will be hit hard with a snowstorm that could knock out power. The snow is expected to start Late this evening, and continue through the day on Sunday.

If this happens, and I am unable to upload the PDF, I will update any, and all missing flakes as soon as I am able to get back online. In advance, I apologize for any hassle this may cause.

Just to tease; This is our first Snowflake Pattern, to be delivered to you on Sunday Morning.

I look forward to getting to know you in our Facebook Group

I hope to see you in our crochet-a-long and looking forward to a great holiday this year!

Happy crocheting!

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