About Me

I began crocheting as a child, taught by my grandmother.  Over the years I’ve delved into other art forms, like digital design, jewelry making, and drawing.  Recently, I found my love for crochet again, and decided to share my designs, old and new.

I’m a native Californian, but grew up all over, including Florida, where my grandmothers house lived.  I moved to Memphis in 1993.  Southern life was an adjustment for sure, but Memphis has come a long way, and reminds me a lot of California now, because it’s become a little more green, and progressive.  It’s great!

I’m a new grandmother (believe it or not!)  I started making hats for my grandson, and my crochet obsession began growing again…

I’m falling in love with overlay crochet, inspired by the mandala work of Tatsiana at Lilla Bijorn’s Crochet.  I enjoy mixing different styles to create new designs.

Stardust Gold is a name I came up with because I’m also a scientist, and you may have heard…. we made of stardust.   I am finishing a degree in bioinformatics, a discipline that combines genetics, biology, computer programming, and statistics.  Writing patterns is actually helping me with writing algorithms and honing my precision skills!  Win win!

I love to design, and create patterns – inspiration is everywhere!

If you have a special request, please message me!  I am happy to do commission work, if you’d rather not fuss with making the design yourself!

I hope you enjoy these patterns, and I’m always here to answer any questions, if you get stuck, or need guidance with a pattern.

My website is new, and I’m working on uploading patterns as fast as possible.  So check back!

Crochet love,


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