The Colorful Crochet Pattern Bundle Is here! (5 Days Only!)

The Colorful Crochet Pattern Bundle starts today! Today is Day 1 of the 5 days event – get ready for 40 AMAZING premium crochet patterns, 5 printables for crochet tips & tricks + 89 EXTRA bonus patterns for a limited time only.

The Colorful bundle includes 40 Patterns + 5 Printables! From 36 Designers!

The Colorful bundle is available October 2nd – 6th ONLY!

What is the Colorful Crochet Patterns Bundle?

  • 40 Beautiful Colorful Crochet Patterns all in ONE PDF!
  • Beautiful hand picked premium crochet patterns PERFECT for the holidays and fall.
  • 3 BONUS PDFs
  • Up your crochet skill by learning to change colors.
  • + 89 BONUS PATTERNS when you purchase from my link ($580 value)!
  • Chance to win 5 times – products from FURLS crochet

Bonuses! There are lots of them!

When you purchase the bundle using my link, you get an EXTRA BONUS! I am offering the my THE RECENTLY RETIRED LIFETIME BUNDLE! 😍

That’s an extra 89 Extra Crochet Patterns + To see all your bonus patterns, visit the Infinite Yarniverse and see all the blankets and beanie bundles!

Furthermore…there are more bonuses that Nicki is offering with the bundle. It’s pretty amazing!

A $1000 VALUE!!!

Get a closer look at all the beautiful patterns in The colorful Crochet bundle.

EXTRA BONUS’ You Get with the Blanket Crochet Patterns Bundle!

🧶 5 chances to win prizes from Furls Crochet!

🧢 WIP Sheets PDF

Designer Contact List Social Media PDF (so you can follow and tag your favorite designers!

🧣 89 Bonus Beautiful Crochet Patterns!

If you like what you see so far – head over and…

Grab the Bundle!

Grab the bundle here!

I hope you enjoy this wonderful bundle and thanks for being here! Reach out to me with any questions you have and I look forward to crocheting with you!

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