Essential Chic Minimalist Scarf 100% Cotton

The inspiration for this scarf is simplicity. I have a plethora of scarves, but some are too long, or bulky. I wanted to create something sleek, fashionable, simplistic *and* warm in a neutral color. It wraps around perfect and fits great under a light jacket, or blazer. It’s very sleek and elegant. 😊

This pattern has been tested!  Thank you to my wonderful pattern testers.  The project page will be uploaded soon.

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I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Pattern includes tutorial links for the special stitch, tips, and stitch guides.

Includes Chart

Materials needed:
Worsted weight yarn (4)
I or H hook depending on which yarn you use.


Suggested yarn is included in pattern.

Crochet Overlay Grey Minimalist

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<3 Tasha

Tasha Margette

Let’s Inspire, Learn & Create together. I hope you find inspiration here, and learn something new today. <3 My name is Tasha Margette, I love colorful patterns, comfy, cozy, and creative. I keep hearing this is a lost art from people who see me crocheting. I’m here to help pass on the craft. Thank you Margaret Alice Reynolds for teaching me to crochet. Love you Grammy.

January 16, 2018

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