*FREE* Pattern – Funky Chunky Rainbow Skies Headband/Ear warmer

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Thanks for stopping by!  Today I want to share a *free*  headband pattern I created last year.  It’s simple, colorful, and WARM.  I love wearing this around town, and get a lot of compliments on it.  It looks more complicated than it is.  I hope you enjoy creating this patter.  Please share your versions and hashtag me #stardustgoldcrochet ❤ on Instagram, or tag me on Facebook!

You can find the pattern below.

or direct download the written pattern here: Funky Chunky Rainbow Skies Headband_StardustGoldCrochet.


This headband is chunky, warm, and simple.  The pattern uses chain (ch) and double crochets (dc).

Here is where to find the yarn – Michael‘s – or use any chunky 6 weight you like!

This is measured on individual head circumference.  The best way to do this is with a flexible tape measure.  Measure from your forehead, down and around the nape of your neck.  The headband in the pattern measures approximately 20” or 51 cm prior to joining ends.  This allows for stretch – my head measures 22″ and it fits perfect.

Adjust for your head size accordingly by adding or subtracting chains from the foundation chain.  😊

funky chunky graphic

stitch guide


Chain number of stitches to meet head measurement +3

R1:  dc into 3rd ch from hook, and in each st across entire row.  ch2, turn.

R2:  dc into third ch from hook (BLO), and in each st across entire row.  ch2, turn.

R3:  dc into third ch from hook (BLO), and across entire row.

Bring pieces together and work a slip stitch into the top loops of each end.

Tie off and weave in tail.

You’re finished!  See, that was the easiest headband ever!

Funky Chunky Graphic

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