Glacier Bay Hand Warmers

These hand warmers are so cozy, soft, and warm.  They keep me warm, but also let me use my fingers (you know, like tap-tap on my phone, or type up some great blog posts) ;).  If you’re a crocheter or just looking for something nice for yourself or a friend, use the links below to take you where you want to be!

Download Pattern

Ravelry / Etsy

Are you looking for a gift for someone?  I can make this for you…

Commission is $24.00


glacier bay handwarmers (1)

Lion Brand has to be one of my favorite yarns.  It’s soft, and the colors are great.  This yarn is called Glacier Bay in Tweed, but it isn’t scratchy like tweed <3.

glacier bay handwarmers (28)


Oh!  The doggies love to photo bomb!

glacier bay handwarmers (60)

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