Rainbow Dream Bikini Halter Top

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I designed this bikini/halter because I <3 rainbows!  It’s a soft and flexible top, adjustable, and can accommodate different sizes.  I am not a petite girl by any means…my bust measures 38C, and the halter fits my frame as pictured.

I wanted to create something that girls and women of all sizes felt comfortable wearing. I hope you enjoy this pattern. It is stretchy and adjustable in front, top and back. The cup size would comfortably fit from 32A/B (or smaller) up to 40-42C. For D cups, I recommend continuing outer rows in the same color as last row, or increasing the first chain by 2 (keep odd number – 11, 13, 15, 17, etc.)

This pattern is available for purchase at  If you would like me to create one for you I’m happy to do that too!


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Tasha Margette

Let’s Inspire, Learn & Create together. I hope you find inspiration here, and learn something new today. <3 My name is Tasha Margette, I love colorful patterns, comfy, cozy, and creative. I keep hearing this is a lost art from people who see me crocheting. I’m here to help pass on the craft. Thank you Margaret Alice Reynolds for teaching me to crochet. Love you Grammy.

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