12 Winter Crochet Patterns | Winter Wonders Crochet Bundle


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Winter Wonders Crochet Bundle consists of 12 beautiful crochet patterns, including wintersets, scarves, beanies, ponchos, rauna’s and more!



The Winter Wonders Crochet Bundle comes chock full of wonderful winter crochet patterns to keep you warm and cozy.  The winter bundle is a perfect gift for your friend who loves to crochet!  The patterns are tested and formatted for printing.  Find printing instructions in the PDF.  Thanks for stopping by and remember crocheting is good for the soul!

The Winter Wonder Crochet bundle includes the following patterns:

• Fair Isle Beanie
• Ice Crystals Beanie
• Sequoia Ridge Slouch

Scarf & Beanie Sets:
• Fuzzy Bee Winterset
• Winter Blush Scarf & Beret Set

• Colours Scarf
• Mandala Infinity Scarf
• Kunik Scoodie Hooded Scarf

Ponchos & Cardigans:
• Navajo Blanket Cardigan
• Temperance Rauncho

Gloves & Socks:
• Tabby Star Mittens
• Rainbow Fish Booties

If you need pattern support, please click below to join Stardust Gold Crochet & Friends.

Pattern Support from Stardust Gold Crochet 



I’m in the group throughout the day and happy to answer any questions.  You can also get in touch with me through my about me page in the contact section of Stardust Gold Crochet.  I have plenty of free crochet patterns and fun tutorials to learn new crochet stitches in my Stitch Explorers series on YouTube.








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12 Winter Crochet Patterns | Winter Wonders Crochet Bundle