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The Mindless Crochet Pattern Bundle Is here! (5 Days Only!)

The Mindless Crochet Pattern Bundle starts today! Today is Day 1 of the 5 days event – get ready for 40 BEAUTIFUL Mindless premium crochet patterns, 3 printable PDFs + 12 EXTRA bonus blanket patterns for a limited time only.

The Mindless bundle includes 40 Patterns + 3 Printables! From 37 Designers!

The Mindless bundle is available May 6 – 10th – 5 DAYS ONLY!

STARTS AT 7 AM PT ON MAY 6TH. If you don’t have access yet, check back at 7 AM PT.

What is the Mindless Crochet Patterns Bundle?

  • 40 Beautiful Mindless Crochet Patterns all in ONE PDF!
  • Beautiful hand picked premium crochet patterns PERFECT for crocheting the day away and relaxing.
  • 3 BONUS PDFs
  • Up your crochet skill by learning to change colors.
  • + 12 ADDITIONAL BLANKET BONUS PATTERNS when you purchase from my link ($150 value)!
  • Chance to win 5 times – products from Rows & Roses crochet

Bonuses! There are lots of them!

When you purchase the bundle using my link, you get an EXTRA BONUS! I put together a crochet blanket bundle filled with an extra 12 patterns from the Infinite Yarniverse! 😍

That’s a 12 Extra Blanket Crochet Patterns + To see all your bonus patterns, visit the Infinite Yarniverse and see all the bonus patterns!

Again…there are more bonuses that Nicki is offering with the bundle. It’s pretty amazing!

A $1000 VALUE!!!

Get a closer look at SOME of the beautiful patterns in The Mindless Crochet bundle.

Mindless Bundle

EXTRA BONUS’ You Get with the Blanket Crochet Patterns Bundle!

🧶 5 chances to win prizes from Rows & Roses!

🧢 3 Fun “Mystery” PDFs

Designer Contact List Social Media PDF (so you can follow and tag your favorite designers!

🧣 12 Bonus Blanket Crochet Patterns!

If you like what you see so far – head over and…

Grab the Bundle!

Grab the bundle here!

I hope you enjoy this wonderful bundle and thanks for being here! Reach out to me with any questions you have and I look forward to crocheting with you!

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