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Thanks for downloading the Rosie the Riveter Graphghan! You’re support means the world to me.

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Helpful Videos & Tutorials on C2C and Graphghans.

Here are the awesome crochet tools to help you create the most beautiful graphgan ever! The Rosie download is just below these.

Learn How to Crochet Corner to Corner c2c

Want to learn how to crochet a corner to corner blanket (C2C)? I’ve got you covered!

C2C basics learn corner to corner crochet

How to Read a Crochet Graph

If you don’t know how to read a crochet graph, here is a tutorial for that 😀

How to Read a Graph

How Big Will Row by Row Graphgan Be?

This calculator will take the guesswork out of how big your blanket will be 😄!

Row by Row Crochet Blanket Size Calculator

C2C Blanket Size Calculator

This calculator will show you exactly how big your graphgan will be based on your own crocheting style!

Corner to Corner Calculator

Rosie the Riveter Download

I sincerely hope you are doing okay through this. We will make it through this and will come out better on the other side.

Remember to wash your hands, practice safe distancing, and crochet your heart away! I love you guys, please be safe.

I have a lot of free patterns and making more free every day!

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