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Hi friends!  I scoured the internet for how to make the perfect pom-pom for my crochet hats.  There were loads of tutorials, but they seemed a little over-complicated.  Some require a pom-pom maker…contraption that looks like it will cut me.  lol.   Like this one from Amazon

One blogger used cardboard pieces, which was cool, but I didn’t have any cardboard lying around.  So I improvised with materials I had in my kitchen. Here is what I used and the steps I took to make a cute, perfect pom-pom for my next crochet project 🧶

I used this method to create the pom-pom for my Sequoia Ridge Slouch Beanie. Check out the Sequoia Ridge Slouch – Free Crochet Pattern and make one!

Sequoia Ridge Slouch Crochet Beanie - Free Crochet Pattern
Sequoia Ridge Slouch Crochet Beanie
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How to Make the Perfect Pom-Pom:


  • Scissors.
  • Wide mouth Ball jar.
  • Two tops to Ball jar.
  • Darning needle (yarn needle).
easy pom pom making materials

Step 1: Start Wrapping Your Yarn

  • Wrap yarn around jar at least 60-100 times.
  • The more you wrap, the denser the pom-pom.
DIY how to make a pom pom

Step 2: Ease the Yarn off

Ease the wrapped yarn off of the ball jar, gently.

DIY how to make a pom pom

Step 3: Lay Out the Yarn

  • Cut a 12″ piece of yarn.
  • Lay your wrapped yarn over the cut piece of yarn.
DIY how to make a pom pom

Step 4: Tie it all Together

  • Using a fisherman’s knot – a fisherman’s knot is created by twisting your yarn 5 – 6 times.
  • Pull it tight.
DIY how to make a pom pom

Step 5: Turn it Over

  • Turn over the bundle.
  • Make another fisherman’s knot, and pull tight.
DIY how to make a pom pom

Step 6: Cut Through Center

  • Insert scissor through the center of the bundle (make sure all loops are on the blade).
  • Cut the yarn (you need sharp scissors for this).
DIY how to make a pom pom
DIY how to make a pom pom

Step 7: Don’t Forget the Stragglers

Cut all the straggler loops.

DIY how to make a pom pom

Step 8: Lay the Pom-Pom Flat

Lay it flat, then pile your long strands on top, you’ll use them to attach to the hat, so tuck them under the metal caps in step 10.

DIY how to make a pom pom

Step 9: Sandwich the Pom-Pom Between Jar Tops

Lay one jar top on the bottom and one on top, mash them together as seen below, and try to keep them centered.

DIY how to make a pom pom
DIY how to make a pom pom

Step 10: Trim around edges

  • Trim around the edges.
  • Trim close or around an inch away.
  • This determines how big your pom-pom will be.
DIY how to make a pom pom trimming with scissors
DIY how to make a pom pom

Step 11: Repeat Steps 9 & 10

  • Remove tops and rotate the pom-pom.
  • Place tops on top again, in the center like in step 10.
  • Remember to tuck the long tails in so it doesn’t get cut off.
DIY how to make a pom pom
DIY how to make a pom pom using a lid

Step 12: Keep Trimming Pom-Pom

  • Rotate
  • Trim
  • Trim edges again – you will trim off quite a bit, don’t worry.
how to make a pom pom trimming the edges.

Step 13: You’re Finished!

  • Time to attach it!
  • Insert hook through the center of your beanie, pull through both pieces of yarn.
  • Use a darning needle to sew and secure the ball to the top of the beanie.

I had to go back through and secure it more because it was a little loose, just using this method.  Do what works for you.

DIY pom pom making how to make a pom pom
DIY attach pom pom to had using a crochet needle or a sewing needle
DIY how to make a pom pom finishing off

Here is the finished Pom-Pom!  Cute!  You can cut off any stragglers you feel are out-of-place.

perfect pom pom maker
how to make a perfect pom pom by stardust gold crochet

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  1. Good morning Tasha. Just wanted to let you know I used your method to make a Pom Pom. I received a beautiful knitted Winnipeg Jets scarf for Christmas and living in Manitoba, Canada I ,of course, needed a matching hat so I crocheted myself one to match. But it needed something more and Pom Poms are a big trend now so I needed to make one. Your method worked perfectly. The main colour is a navy & white tweed yarn and I added splashes of red and grey (the two other colours in the Jets jersey). Thanks for posting this method for us all to share.



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