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Cosmic Koozies | Tunisian Crochet Ribbing Pattern | Stitch Explorer Series

This design idea has been sitting in the back of my mind for months now, and I’m so happy to finally have them all stitched up! The story on how this stitch came to life is while exploring how to create different Tunisian crochet stitches, I was dying to create crochet ribbing, because I couldn’t find anything out there. It took a lot of trial and error, but here it is!

Tunisian crochet ribbing cosmic crochet coozies - a amethyst crystal an aloe plant and a rose quartz in a window sill, the plant has a crochet rainbow coozie

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Despite creating the stitch over a year ago, I haven’t used it much, except a design for the Neptune Beach Dress, which is a free pattern and great for a beach coverall.

What you will learn in this post…

  • How to crochet the Tunisian Simple Stitch
  • Create a crochet spiral
  • Make Tunisian crochet ribbing

The goal of designing this stitch is to create a simple pattern, with minimal sizing, and one where makers can customize easily or use different hook & yarn sizes.

tunisian crochet ribbing pattern a womans hand holding a rainbow crochet coozie in a yellow cup with pink nailpolish

Tunisian crochet is one of my favorite crochet techniques. Tunisian crochet has so many different possibilities and what I love most is it creates a thick fabric. However, there are also ways to create loose fitting or thin fabrics with Tunisian.

The Cosmic Koozies pictured are made with 100% cotton. I used I Love This Cotton! by Hobby Lobby – all the details are below.

Crochet Koozies in a line with purple, yellow, pink, and blue aluminum cups - rainbow crochet coozies covering them.  tunisian crochet ribbing

Are you a newbie to Tunisian crochet?

If yes, please check out this post on why Tunisian crochet is so cool and how to work the Tunisian simple stitch, then come back here and create these beautiful koozies!

Tunisian Crochet Ribbing Pattern

I set out to design crochet ribbing because I couldn’t find one that truly felt and behaved like the type of ribbing in knit creations. Throughout my crochet journey, I’ve come across a myriad of crochet ribbing patterns.

Additionally, I even created this post of five different ways to crochet ribbing, but they all fall short in comparison to this Tunisian crochet ribbing pattern. This Tunisian ribbing just FEELS good and has a wonderful stretch to it. I absolutely love it.

graphic test that says

+ Pattern Support

If you are looking for a group to share your creations, ask questions, crochet with me, and just have some fun…check out Stardust Gold Crochet & Friends pattern support group. I check in everyday!

Cosmic Crochet Koozies Pattern

+ Materials

Suggested Yarn

I love this cotton!. You can find the link here they are at hobby lobby. You can use any yarn to create this fun cosmic crochet koozie pattern!


  • Curry (yellow)
  • Rosey II (pink)
  • Deep Teal (turquoise)
  • Amethyst (purple)
  • CC – Brights Print (rainbow colorway)


Less than a skein of each color (Tunisian Crochet uses less yarn than traditional crochet).

Hook Size

5.5 mm or 6 mm double-ended Tunisian Crochet hook (I used 5.5 for this project)

+ Abbreviations

TSSTunisian simple stitch
MCmain color
CCcontrasting color
FwPforward pass
RetPreturn pass

+ Stitch Guide:

TSS– Tunisian simple stitch

To learn how to crochet the Tunisian simple stitch – visit this post Tunisian simple stitch and you will find the video when you scroll to the bottom.

+ Pattern Notes

  • I created quite of few of these using the main color as a solid and the variegated yarn as a complimentary color.
  • Tunisian crochet ribbing is worked horizontally, and sewn on the wide side to be used vertically.
  • This Tunisian crochet ribbing can be used to create the brim of crochet hats, ribbing on garments, koozies, crochet socks, dresses, and more…

Step 1: Decide how tall you want your koozie to be.

Step 2: Create a starting chain that matches your measurement.

Step 3: Start crocheting!

+ Pattern

Working with your main color…Ch 20 or desired number of chains for your project. The larger your project – you may need to use a longer Tunisian Crochet Hook.

My favorite Tunisian Crochet Hooks are:

Susan Bates – Silvalume Double Ended Tunisian Crochet Hook

Knit Picks Interchangables – these are great! I love how smooth they are. The only down side is you need to order two sets to use both sides as double ended.

Row 1 (FwP): TSS entire row, turn hook.

Row 1 (RetP): Join CC, and return pass as normal. (20)

Row 2 (FwP): Drop your CC, pick up your MC and work TSS in each vertical bar across row, turn hook.

Row 2 (RetP): Pick up your CC and complete return pass as normal. (20)

Repeat Row 2 until your project is the desired height. Although you are working horizontally, when sewn up, your work will be vertical as pictured below. That’s what is so fabulous about this ribbing!

Remember to make your width slightly smaller than the object you’ll be wrapping it around because it will stretch.

Here are a few PINs – so pin away ladies & gents!

Crochet Koozies free crochet pattern - 4 rainbow crochet coozies on brick and a close of the coozies using the tunisian crochet ribbing

For all the visual learners out there – here is a complete video tutorial I’m going to include this stitch in the Stitch Explorer Saturday Series soon too.

+ Assembly & Finishing

I added some fun spirals to the bottom of my water bottle for my koozies. I created this orange and green cozy for my friend Woodrow… he still has it and uses it all the time. He loves it!

To create a crochet spiral, check out the video below by Be Hooked. It’s a great tutorial to create the spiral you see on the bottom of the crochet koozie.

yellow and green cosmic crochet koozies on concrete and warpped.  A woman drinking water from a gold water bottle surrounded by a tunisian crochet ribbing koozie. tunisian crochet ribbing pattern

Crochet a spiral to fit the bottom size of your bottle, coffee cup or planter, and sew it on after your seam up your koozie! I used a single crochet to seem my Koozie, and slip stitch to stitch on the spiral.

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I hope you enjoy making these fun cosmic crochet koozies.

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rainbow crochet koozies on a window sill and laid out in various patterns - this is a free pattern by stardust gold crochet

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