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Easter Themed Unicorn Crochet Patterns | Gifts | Toys | From Makers Around the World

Easter is coming soon, get ready for the blooming flowers, bright green grass, and bunnies!  I actually saw a bunny in my front yard the other day :D.  It was so sweet!  All this Spring fever and Easter patterns inspired me to gather together all the lovely crochet unicorn Easter themed patterns and toys I could find.  I just love Unicorns, as you may already know…

A friend of mine asked me to make her a hatching unicorn, but I am so booked right now, I found a cute finished hatching unicorn on Etsy to send to her.  While I was searching around I thought, oh my, I need to make a unicorn crochet pattern collection, stat!

Keep an eye out, not all of these unicorn crochet are patterns.  There are some finished toys in here too for those who don’t or can’t crochet. I am a full believer in supporting small businesses thrive, I hope you are too :). I hope you find some fun projects to make, or a special personalized gift for a loved one for this Easter holiday.

Easter Bunny Amigurumi Crochet Pattern

by MyCroWonders

Unicorn Treat Bag Crochet Pattern

by Miss Mary MAC Designs

Crochet Unicorn Headband Pattern

by Lovely Toys Pattern

Crochet Unicorn Baby Rattle Natural Toy

by Crochet Feelings Toys – Finished Toy

Bright Crocheted Unicorn Rainbow Mane And Tail

by Dreamy Toys By Kristina – Finished Toy

Crochet Unicorn in a Dress

by Knitting for Emotions – Finished Toy

Unicorn Amigurumi, Licorne, Finished Toy

by Dreamy Toys by Kristina – Finished Toy

Personalized Easter Basket Crochet Rainbow Unicorn

by Home Toys by Galatova – Finished Toy

Unicorn Easter Basket Crochet Pattern

by Briana K Designs

Crochet Pattern Unicorn Toy Easter Egg

by Crochet Gift by Mary

Amigurumi Crochet Unicorn Brooch Pattern

by Crochet Toys Basket

Unicorn Ring Toss Basket Easter Basket Pattern

by Crochet Rox

Crochet Unicorn Lovey Baby Easter Toy

by Cross For Hearts Gifts – Finished Toy

Unicorn Crochet Pattern, Rattle, Unicorn Teether Toy Pattern

by Tikva Patterns

Hatching Unicorn Egg Crochet Pattern

by Sayens Crochet Store

I hope you enjoy this round up – there is a great image below to PIN to your boards, but you can PIN any pic you’d like!

Happy Crocheting Copy
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Happy Crocheting Copy
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**I am in partnership with Etsy – this post contains affiliate links :)**

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