Half Double Crochet – Third Loop?! Identify the Third Loop in a Half Double Crochet

Hello! Let’s talk about fun ways to modify basic stitches! When working the half double crochet in the round, it creates a stitch that looks almost like the purl stitch, which is a basic knitting stitch that creates a V on the front side of the work.

It also creates an interesting zig zag pattern on the backside of the work. It’s great for making cowl’s or headbands because you can reverse it!

You can use this technique when working with the half treble crochet stitch too! It increases the height of the stitch.

I’ve been thinking of a way to create it without having to work in the round, but it would probably require weaving in a lot of tails!

Well, there IS a way to do this…and it does require weaving in a lot of tails ;). I use this stitch in my pattern called Sansa’s Revenge Cowl.

half double crochet stitch working in third loop only
half double crochet stitch

In this post you will learn how to identify the Half Double Crochet Third Loop…

This is how easy it is to identify the half double crochet third loop. Below you can see, looking down from the top, and with your work turned slightly towards you. You’ll notice that a half double crochet stitch has was looks like two “tops” or two V’s. When you turn it slightly to toward you, you will notice the second V. The very back loop of that second V is your “third loop.”

That’s it!

half double crochet third loop
Half Double Crochet – How to Identify the Third Loop

Hope you enjoy this mini-tutorial about half double crochet’s and finding the third loop.  If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments and I’m happy to answer them.

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