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Mandala Infinity scarf – REBOOT!!  This is one of my first patterns, so I wanted to go back and make it in a different color and jazz it up!  I hope you like V2. I also realized way too late that there were some mistakes my testers and I missed, so those are fixed and I”m hoping everyone loves this pattern as much as I do. It is comprised of basic stitches, along with a full video tutorial at the bottom of the post.

Mandala yarn is one of my favorites, and this pattern uses a technique called Navajo plying, which is a method used to make a think yarn chunkier. I created a video on how to do this and it is one of the more popular videos on my YouTube channel.

If you ever need pattern support, I started a Facebook group called Stardust Gold Crochet & Friends where you’re welcome to share your patterns (paid or free- get your money on girl, I won’t stop you!) I only ask no spamming, but feel free to ask me *literally* anything. You can join here, hope to see you there!

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A little bit about the yarn…and Navajo Plying

Mandala is a DK (3) weight yarn, but we are going to make it chunky!  The colors are beautiful, so I wanted to use Mandala, but needed it thicker.  I use a method I will teach you that turns a light worsted (3), into a chunky weight yarn (5-6).

Check out the video “Make your Thin Yarn Chunky! – or – you scroll down for the full video tutorial.

It’s easy!  The results are amazing, and it opens the door for so many projects and new colors from thin to chunky.

Another fun way to make a thin yarn thicker is to use two skeins and pull one strand from each.  But here, we are using the S-method (Navajo Plying), and three strands or 3 weight yarn.

A little note about how this pattern is written…

The Mandala Infinity scarf is a one size fits all scarf and uses some interesting stitches to create a textured pattern. The difficulty of this pattern would be easy, but leaning more toward intermediate level crocheting because it does incorporate front and back post stitches. It works in continuous rounds with joins.

Scroll down for free pattern and full video tutorial

Here are some of the versions from my testers! Thanks you guys so much!

+ Materials:

Suggested Yarn:

Mandala Baby in colorway wishing well, or regular Mandala, there are so many option with Mandala. You will also need a contrasting color (listed in pattern as C2) for the border of any 5-weight yarn, or continue with another 3 weight and use the plying method.

Suggested Yarn Details:

100% Acrylic; 590 yds/ 540 m (150 g / 5.3 oz) per skein.

Yardage Needed:

590 yards – 1 cake

Contrasting Color – 1 skein or scrap of any contrasting 5-weight yarn.

Yarn Substitution:

Any 3 weight or similar to Mandala yarn preferably a self striping yarn.

Hook Size: 6.5 mm


Darning Needle

+ Abbreviations:

dc double crochet      
hdc half double crochet      
exsc extended single crochet      
FPdc front post double crochet      
BPdc back post double crochet      
FPhtr front post half triple crochet      
sl st slip stitch      
blo back loop only      
ch chain      
rnd round      
ch chain      
st(s) stitches      

+ Stitch guide:

Stitches in pink are clickable links to a tutorial on how to create the stitch.

dc – double crochet

yo, insert hook in indicated st, yo, draw up a loop, *yo, draw through 2 loops*, two times.

hdc – half double crochet

yo, insert hook in indicated st, yo, draw up a loop, yo, draw through all three loops on hook.

FPhtr – front post half treble crochet

yo twice, insert hook around indicated st(s).  yo, draw up a loop, yo, draw through 2 loops, yo, draw through all 3 loops on hook.

FPdcfront post double crochet

yo, insert hook in indicated st (from front to back and out the front again).  yo, draw up a loop, *yo, draw through two loops* – two times.

BPdc – back post double crochet

yo, insert hook around next post of stitch (from back to front and out the back again).  yo, draw up a loop, *yo, draw through two loops* – two times.

exsc – extended single crochet

insert hook in indicated st.  yo, draw a loop through first loop on hook.  yo, draw through both loops on hook.

Mandala infinity in colorway Centaur
Mandala Infinity Scarf in Colorway Centaur

+ Pattern Notes – Please Read

  • Remember to count your stitches 😉.
  • Chains do not count as stitches, unless otherwise noted.
  • The pattern is worked in the round.
  • First st of each round is made in first st, because joins are made into the chains.
  • See tutorial links for help with the more difficult stitches and stitch placement.

Tips:  After working your starting chain, run your finger along the length of the work to make sure there are no twists in the chain when you slip stitch the ends together.  You will be working in the round for this infinity scarf.

Soften it up:  After you finish tying off and weaving in tails, use Suave conditioner, fill a sink with water, submerge the entire scarf and use a lot of conditioner!  Rub it all in.  Then let it sit overnight.  Rinse, and lay it flat to dry, or put it in a pillowcase and dry on low heat.  You can also throw it in the wash with fabric softener.

If you like a PDF pattern, it is available on Ravelry & Etsy for $4.50, links below.

PDF is available on Ravelry and Etsy for $4.50 –

Ready? Let’s make it!

Mandala Infinity Scarf

click photo to hook it!

+Skill Level

Easy to Intermediate

+ Pattern:

Chain 210 (or you can use fhdc and skip round 1) – or any even number of chains/sts, join chains together with a slip stitch.

note:  Remember to keep the chain straight with no twists.  You’ll be working in the round, no turning.

Rnd 1:  Ch 2, hdc 1 in ea ch around, join with sl st in top of ch 2 – 210 hdc.

Rnd 2:  Ch 2,  htr 1 (third loop) in ea hdc around, join with a sl st in top of ch 2 – 210 htr.

here is a link to find the third loops of a hdc

half treble crochet– tutorial

Mandala Infinity Scarf in Centaur

note:  when counting the stitches for rounds 3, 4 & 5, begin count with first exsc, end count with last ch 1.

Rnd 3:  Ch 2, *sk 1 st, exsc 1 (third loop only) in next st, ch 1*, repeat *…* to end of round, join with sl st in top of ch 2 – 210 sts.

Rnd 4:  Ch 3, *exsc 1 in exsc (insert hook into the  space just to the right of the exsc to the left of the / diagonal bar), ch 1, sk 1 ch*, repeat*…*to end of round, join with sl st in 2nd chain of ch 3 – 210 sts.

Rnd 5:  Repeat R4.

Rnd 6:  Ch 2, hdc 1 (blo) in ea st/ch around, join with sl st in top of ch 2 – 210 hdc.

Rnd 7: This stitch creates an X.  Ch 2, *sk 1 hdc, dc 1 (third loop only) in next hdc, dc 1 (third loop only) in skipped stitch, repeat *…* to end of row, join with sl st in top of ch 2, cut and tie off.

The mandala yarn should be all used up by this row 😉, if not, very close to it.  If you find that you’ve used up all the yarn and not finished with the rnd yet, you’re tension May have been a little tight, so I suggest grabbing another cake of the Mandala yarn and using up a bit of that to finish it.

Rnd 8 (C2): Attach yarn using a slip stitch into last sl st created, then ch 2,  *BPdc 1 around first dc of X pattern from R7, FPdc 1 around second dc of X from R7*, repeat *…* to end of round, join with a sl st into top of ch 2 from beginning of round – 210 sts.

Rnd 9 (C2):  Ch 2, hdc 1 in ea st around, join with a sl st in top of ch 2, cut, tie off, weave in tails – 210 hdc.

note:  Rnd 10 works into bottom of starting chain (row 1). 

Rnd 10 (C2):  Keep your work RS facing you and attach yarn in any ch.  Ch 2, hdc 1 between each hdc around, join with sl st into ch 2 – 210 hdc.

cut, tie off, and weave in all tails.

Congratulations! You’re Finished!

You can find the full video tutorial at the bottom of the post.

If you have any questions about this pattern, please join my pattern support group Stardust Gold Crochet & Friends here.  😄

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Mandala Infinity Scarf Full Video Tutorial

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