When I first started reading patterns many years ago, I came across one that required working into the third loop. I was somewhat baffled because normally, when we work a single crochet, there are two V-shaped loops on the top stitches. However, when we work a half-double crochet, in addition to the "V" pattern, it creates an addition "V" near the back. It is easy to locate it, just turn the work toward you and the third loop reveals itself. Here is a photo:

Half Double Crochet Visual Third Loop Visual

When working half double crochets in the round, it creates a knit stitch on the front side of the work, and an interesting zig pattern on the backside of the work.  It’s great for making cowl’s or headbands

I’ve been thinking of a way to create it without having to work in the round, but it would probably require weaving in a lot of tails!

half double crochet stitch

half double crochet stitch

Hope you enjoy this mini-tutorial about half double crochet’s and finding the third loop.  If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments and I’m happy to answer them.

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