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Welcome to Saturday Stitch Explorers! This week’s stitch is called the Triple Picot V Stitch! I know it’s not a fancy pretty name or anything, but the stitch itself is beautiful! It combines basic stitches to create an amazing open-work lace.

The stitches you will need to know to create this pattern are the single, double, and half double crochet (super easy for beginners!) I think I may create a vest with this stitch because it is so cool looking.

At first I was a little afraid to try it, because I seriously hate picot stitches, BUT, this is not your normal picot stitch (thankfully). It is a single crochet, then chain 3, and single crochet into the next stitch. I hope you enjoy these tutorials!

Triple Picot V Stitch

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Complete video tutorial at of the Triple Picot V Stitch is at the bottom of post – for all the visual learners out there.

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Are you ready to learn this new stitch?  Let’s get started!

I hope you enjoy this stitch! Happy Crocheting!

Triple Picot V-Stitch

+ Abbreviations

dcdouble crochet
scsingle crochet
hdchalf double crochet
fscfoundation single crochet
ch (s)chain (s)
yoyarn over
* … *repeat from * to * as many times indicated

+ Stitch Guide:

sc – single crochet

insert hook in indicated stitch, yo, draw up a loop, yo, draw through 2 loops on hook.

dc – double crochet

yo, insert hook in indicated stitch, draw up a loop, yo, pull through 2 (2 times).

hdc – half double crochet

yo, insert hook in indicated stitch, pull up a loop, yo, draw through all 3 loops on hook.

fsc – foundation single crochet

create a slip knot.  ch 2, insert hook in 1st chain.  yo, draw up a loop.  ch 1, yo, draw through both loops on hook.  (2nd st) insert hook in bottom two loops of ch 1.  yo, draw up a loop, ch 1, yo, draw through both loops (2 fsc created).


  • Pattern worked in back and forth rows.
  • Super easy!
  • Multiples of 11 + 7.
  • Using a chain to start? chain multiples of 11 + 7, then add 3 more chains.


For this tutorial I used Caron Cotton Cakes and a 5 mm hook.

Multiple 11 + 7 using fsc. Using a chain, multiples of 11 + 7, add 3 for the foundation chain, then work first st into 4th chain from hook.

Row 1:  fsc any multiple of 11 + 7 fsc.

Row 2:  (RS) Ch 3, dc 1 in first fsc, *ch 3, sk 3 fsc, sc 1 in next fsc**, picot [ch 3, sc 1 in next fsc] 3 times, ch 3, sk 3 fsc, [dc 1, ch 2, dc 1] in next fsc; rep from * and end last rep at **, then ch 3, sc 1 in next fsc, ch 1, hdc 1 in last st, turn.

Row 3:  Ch 4, turn, (counts as 1 dc and 1 ch), dc 1 in first hdc, *ch 3, sk (1 picot and ch 3)**, sc 1 in next ch 2 sp, [ch 3, sc 1] 3 times in same ch 2 sp, ch 3, sk (ch 3, 1 picot), [dc 1, ch 2, dc 1] in next Picot; rep from * and end last rep at **, [sc 1, ch 3, sc 1] in 4th of ch 4, ch 1, hdc 1 in 3rd of ch 4.

Rows 4 – X:   Repeat row 2.

Congratulations! You’re finished!

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What can I make with the Triple Picot V-Stitch?

I imagine this stitch in a cool bohemian vest, a pillow cover, market bag, or even a nice tee using a 3 or 2 weight yarn.

I hope you enjoy this tutorial, and if you have any questions or comments, please leave them below, I would love to talk crochet!

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