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Yeeee Haw! πŸ˜ƒ Do you guys know how long this has been sitting around in my “finished and ready to publish pile?” πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ It’s been a whirlwind of a few weeks for sure. As some of you know from my first podcast, I have chronic pain and unexplained issues. I think we finally have an answer! I had a full panel allergy test and found out I am allergic to Saccharomyces. If you don’t know what that is, it is a type of mold used in baking and brewing. Aka, Baker’s Yeast & Brewer’s Yeast. I’m allergic to yeast! 😲 Yikes. Anyway, this new diagnosis has sent my life into a whirlwind of emptying the kitchen and trying to figure out what I can and cannot eat. I’m so happy to finally have a piece of the puzzle solved, and now hopefully the chronic pain will disappear. What a relief! πŸ’— Have you guys heard of this?

Thanks for all the support and love,πŸ’• and I’m so grateful you’re all here with me, crocheting, learning, and making together. Let’s talk about this scarf now :).

The Colours scarf is a chunky scarf that is a one-row repeat – it works up very fast for those of us who love a quick project! A bit of a stash buster if you have some yarn laying around you want to use up. Landscapes yarn is soft and comfy, but you can use any yarn youd like of course!

I named it Colours because, well, it has so many beautiful colors! There are endless opportunities for color combos using the Landscapes Yarns by Lion Brand.

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This scarf is the perfect pairing with denim and looks great against darker clothes too. The colours really pop. I thought about making the fringe pink or purple, but ended up using a white to give a break from all those colours, but I would love πŸ’• to see someone make this with a bright fringe.

A little bit about the yarn…

I used Lion Brand’s Landscapes in the colorways Desert Spring, Meadow, Coral Reef. This yarn is very fuzzy. If you have any type of respiratory issues, I recommend wearing a light mask with it. I have dust allergies, so I tend to wear one when working with a fuzzy yarn. After you finish, I recommend washing it, then taking scissors or a lighter and getting rid of the frays. Despite the fuzzies, I do love this yarn and the beautiful coloways.

A little note about how this pattern is written…

One stitch! This is a one stitch pattern! Aside from the foundation half double crochet row, you will find this one of the easiest patterns youve worked all year!

This pattern is written with one size in mind and is very straight forward. It involves a one-row repeat after the first few rows and finishes off with a half double crochet row.

If you like a PDF pattern, it is available on Ravelry & Etsy for $4.50, links below.

PDF is available on Ravelry and Etsy for $4.50 –

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Break out the denim!

Scroll down for free pattern and full video tutorial

If you like a PDF pattern, it is available on Ravelry & Etsy for $4.50, links below.

PDF is available on Ravelry and Etsy for $4.50 –

Ready? Let’s do this!

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Colours Chunky Scarf

+Skill Level


+ Gauge:

10 fhdc = 4” (10 cm)

Gauge directions:

Create a fhdc chain of 12, ch 2, turn, hdc 1 in each st across, repeat from * until you have a 4 x 4″ swatch.

+ Materials:

Suggested Yarn:

Lion Brand Landscapes  I used 2 skeins of Meadow, 1 skein of Coral Reef, and 1 Skein of Desert Spring – any white or off-white yarn for fringe – I used Yarn Bee’s Soft Secret in Ivory.

Hook Size: 6.5 mm (USA K) or equivalent to achieve gauge.

Suggested Yarn Details:

100% Acrylic, 147 yds (134 m) 3.5 oz (100 g) per 1 skein.

Yardage Needed:

588 yds (537 m) approximately 4 skeins.


Measuring Tape

Yarn Needle

+ Stitch guide:

hdc – half double crochet

yo, insert hook in indicated st, yo, draw up a loop, yo, draw through all three loops on hook.

Special Stitches

fhdc – foundation half double crochet

step 1:  create a slip knot, ch 3, yo, insert hook in first ch, yo, draw up a loop, ch 1, yo, draw through all three loops on hook.  Step 2:  yo, insert hook in bottom two loops of ch 1 created in step 1.  Yo, draw up a loop, ch 1, yo, draw through all three loops on hook (2 fhdc created) – repeat step 2 until you reach desired number of sts.

click photo to hook it!

+ Abbreviations:

hdc half double crochet
fhdc foundation half double crochet
sk st skip stitch
st(s) stitches
sp space
ch chain
*…* *repeat* instructions between *…*  

Adjusting the Size:

To customize the sizing for this pattern is very easy.

Add or subtract foundation half double crochet and keep your final stitch count in even numbers. To reduce the width, reduce the number of Row 2 repeats.

Taseels remain the same for all sizes.

+ Pattern Notes – Please Read

  • Pattern is worked in rows.
  • Loosely crochet the hdc into the skipped stitch, pulling up the stitch to loosen it more.
  • Pattern works in any even number of stitches.
  • Use 2 skeins of a main color, then contrast it with 2 of another color or use 2 different colors like I did!  Be Creative!

+ Pattern:

fhdc any even number or follow pattern below to match pattern in photos.

note:  1st st in made in same as t-ch.

Row 1: 

Working with one strand from each skein, 1 from Color A and one from Color B, and 6.5 mm hook, fhdc 172.

Row 2:

Ch 2, turn. sk 1st hdc, *hdc 1 in next st, hdc 1 in skipped st*, rep *…* to end – 172 hdc.

Row 3:

Ch 2, turn, sk 1st and 2nd hdc, hdc 1 in next hdc, hdc 1 in skipped st.  *sk 1 hdc, hdc 1 in next st, hdc 1 in skipped st*, rep *…* to end, sk last hdc, hdc 1 in ch 2, hdc 1 in skipped st – 172 hdc.

Rows 4-9:

Repeat Row 2.

Row 10:

Ch 1, turn, hdc 1 in each hdc across – 172 hdc.

Cut, tie off and weave in all tails.


Measure a length of around 19” (or your length choice), I used 11 strands.  Fold them you’re your finger, insert a hook or your finger where you want to place the tassel, and pull all 11 strands through to form a loop.  Take the loose ends and bunch them together, then place them through the loop and pull it tight – please see video for help on this.

Colours Chunky Scarf Full Companion Video Tutorial

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