Do you love cotton? Me too! Get ready for the Blushing Winter Beanie & Scarf release and grab some on-sale yarn!

I can’t say enough about I Love This Cotton.  Even Prior to becoming an affiliate with Hobby Lobby, I sang the praises of this yarn left and right.  It’s so soft, and easy to work with.  The colors are lovely, and it’s the perfect yarn for everything from C2C baby blankets to scarfs, sweaters, hats, and ponchos.  It’s also reasonably priced for being 100% cotton, which is a plus!  So when it goes on sale I do a little happy dance!

It’s on sale for $2.65 a skein 😍.

I wanted to share this awesome sale with my fellow crafters because it doesn’t happen too often.

So prior to the release of the Blushing Winter Beanie & Scarf this Sunday, order up some I Love This Cotton, or head on over to Hobby Lobby and grab some skeins to make this beautiful set.

You will need about 5-6 skeins for this project and I used the colorway Warm Blush (hence the name Blushing Winter) 😉, but you can create this set in any color you’d like of course.

If you do decide to order from my link, I will receive a small commission which helps me keep this blog alive and provide free patterns for you lovely crocheters.

Happy Crocheting, and can’t wait until Friday!


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