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Mosaic in A Month Blanket CAL hosted by Juniper & Oakes

Absolutely FUN! 😍 I’m so happy to be a contributor to this fun mosaic crochet blanket CAL! A FREE Crochet along with a fun, colorful mosaic blanket. The Mosaic In a Month Blanket CAL (crochet along) is the brain child of Juniper & Oakes and just beautiful!

(photos by @juniperandoakes & @stardustgoldcrochet)

Mosaic Newbie?

Don’t worry if you’re new to mosaic. It sure does look complicated doesn’t it? It is perhaps the easiest crochet technique that gives you AMAZING designs and color changes, without a lot of tails to weave in if you do an envelope border. Or you can leave them shaggy and tie them in knots.

Either way, it’s uses 2 basic beginner crochet stitches! Yes, that’s right! WOOHOO it’s exciting!

Mosaic In a Month CAL Details

The mosaic in a month CAL is a FREE crochet along. Here are the quick details:

  • Patterns premier every Monday, Wednesday’s & Friday’s (free on the designers blog)
  • eBook available for $10.99 (starting today – links below)
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What’s Inside in the Mosaic in a Month Crochet Blanket CAL eBook: 

  • Charts
  • Written instructions
  • Border
  • Finishing touches
  • Video tutorials
  • Pictures
  • & more

Including 11 Crochet Designers

Erin has gathered together everyone to create a special geometric themed blanket strip. Here are the designers, and hey, I’m in there too!

Everything (except the yarn & hook) you need to make this beautiful colorful blanket!

mosaic in a month designers

Get Your Yarn Ready

The suggested yarn for this CAL is LoveCrafts StyleCraft in Special DK. (affiliate link) But of course you can use any yarn you’d like!

The yarn and yardage as as follows:

Hint of Silver – 6 skeins (1900 yds). The following only require 1 skein each or approximately 320 yards. Lipstick (red), Spice (orange), Dandelion (yellow), Green (green), Aster (blue), Violet (purple).

These are estimates based on specific yarn and hook size. If you decide to create a larger blanket, you may need to adjust these slightly.

yarn details for the mosaic in a month crochet along

Buy the EBook Here

Early-Bird (Get the Pattern NOW!)

  • May 27th (that’s today!): Ebook sales start
  • June 3rd-28: Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday a new section premiers on the designer’s blog. Please direct all traffic to the CAL main post (use your affiliate link), and I will direct the traffic to each new section

July 1st: Ebook price increase (from $10.99 to $12.99)

Bonus Special Gift From Me!

In the spirit love of Mosaic Crochet, I am gifting everyone who signs up for the CAL with my Mosaic in a Month Blanket CAL LINK.

Summer Crochet Bundle

If you’re new to mosaic crochet, don’t worry, Erin has tons of tutorials to help you through.

What is Mosaic Crochet?

Mosaic crochet is a way to make colorful patterns using two or more yarn colors. You work with one color at a time and crochet over previous stitches to create a layered design. This technique makes it look like a mosaic, similar to a tile pattern.

There are several types of mosaic crochet, but overlay mosaic is especially easy! Here’s why:

  • Uses simple stitches (single crochet & double crochet)
  • No color changes!
  • Easier than C2C color changes (amazing)
  • Creates beautiful patterns with ease.

If you’re on the fence about mosaic crochet or feel scared of it, don’t be! It’s much easier than you imagine, and Erin guides you through every step.

She will help you when needed and you’ll be learning together, which is always wonderful in our amazing crochet community.

If you like working with graphs, these beanie patterns may be right up your alley!

More Colorful Crochet Patterns You’ll LOVE

My Contribution to the CAL

Mid Century Modern Design

I designed a Mid Century Modern pattern for the CAL. I absolutely love retro everything, so this was perfect for me.

Section 6 (2)

Thanks so much for being here and I’m so EXCITED to be a part of this fun crochet along!

Thanks Erin for throwing it together.

Happy Crocheting Copy
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