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15 Must Have Yarn Bowls | Handmade Crochet Gift Ideas

If you’re like me, you love a good yarn bowl. Yarn bowls make crocheting easier for crocheting in the bathtub (like I do) 😃. You will find 15 must-have yarn bowls, all handmade and perfect crochet gift ideas for the holidays in this post.

I hand-selected these from crafters on Etsy, because it is so important to support small businesspersons right now, in every way we can.

I’ve stocked this list various mediums, including ceramic, wood, and clay. The prices range from budget-friendly to “hey, I need this in my life regardless of the price!”

15 Creative Handmade Yarn Bowls + Bonus Bowl

1. The Hi There Yarn Bowl Collection

This collection of yarn bowls by Hi There are just adorable with rainbows 🌈 and pastel pinks. Sure, its made for knitting, but I see nothing wrong with hijacking this cute bowl with a few crochet hooks! 🧶

2. Mermaid Yarn Bowl by LaMud Pottery

Fantasy is a fav of mine. Gimme all the mermaids, rainbows and unicorns please! This Mermaid Yarn Bowl is beautifully crafted ceramic and worth every penny. Beautiful blues and greens perfect for a beach theme house.

3. Mushroom Yarn Bowl By Alfiggery

This cute mushroom yarn bowl brings out all kinds of love in me! I love lilttle mushrooms and what a cute 70’s vibe!

4. Wooden Yarn Bowls in Rainbow Colors by Zeshane Handicrafts

These yarn “bowls” are beautiful! These bowls are crafted in solid hardwoods, Rosewood & Steamed Beechwood. They come with an oily satin finish that brings out the natural beauty of the wood. Stunning and reasonably priced too!

5. Hand Carved Wooden Yarn Bowl with Leaves by Zeshane Handicrafts

Can you tell I have a favorite crafter? I 😍 her yarn bowls! This bowl has an earthy feel with the hand-carved leaves and the perfect size too – 6 x 4″. You can find it here.

6. Rainbow Speckled Ceramic Yarn Bowls by 2nd Stop

These yarn bowls by 2nd Stop have a unique feature that I love. There are three holes in addition to the central hole, so you can (if you can fit it!) use four different yarns in the same bowl!

7. Lazy Owl Yarn Bowls by Wonder Stuff Store

I think I found my absolute favorites! It’s hard to use one photo for these because they are stunning. These creative yarn bowls are crafted using resin alcohol and come in a variety of beautiful colors. You can find them here.

8. Small Crochet Yarn Bowl with Red Flowers by LaPoteriedu Chalet

This little yarn bowl has a french aspect to it. This flowery bowl is crafted from ceramic pigments and clay. If you are looking for classic beauty, this is the one to get. You can find this stunner here.

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9. Wheel Thrown Ceramic Yarn Bowl in Eggplant with Twisted Leaves by Blue Room Pottery

There is nothing more handmade than a hand-thrown pottery piece. Throwing clay is an aspiration of mine, and I hope to create something as stunning as this yarn bowl. It’s elegant and tasteful for the advanced crocheter in your life. Check it out here.

10. Resin Stone Inlay Yarn Bowls – Set of 3 by Zeshane Handicrafts

These are so unique and fun. This set of 3 bowls (for $79.99) include two that look like tree stumps and one that has beautiful inlaid mosaic tiles. Find these beauties here.

11. Multi-functional Wooden Yarn Box – Yarn Bowl by Ideas in Wood

I believe this beautiful yarn box is for knitters, but I say let’s steal it! If you’re like me and like to use non-ergonomic hooks, this one is so cool because you can test the hook’s width on the box. It also has a ruler to measure your gauge swatches too. This one is a little more expensive, but it is larger also. 

12. Personalized Clay Yarn Bowl by Kenny Clay Co

If you are looking to add a personal touch to your handmade gifts this holiday season, check out these lovely personalized yarn bowls. The price is reasonable too, and shipping is fast!

13. Unicorn & Mermaid Scales Set of 2 Yarn Huggers – Yarn Bowls by the Fireweed Studio

I keep saying I’ve found my favorite yarn bowls, and then I find some that are even better! This unicorn and mermaid set is so unique it hurts. These are huggers so that they would work best with a center-pull style of yarn. The price is right for these handmade fantasy fun yarn bowls.

14. Succulent Clay Yarn Bowl by Jakey Creations

I came across this unique succulent clay yarn bowl and was “wowed” by it. I love the colors and the overall design of this bowl. I was surprised to see this shop has only 11 sales! We need to change that, girls!. Show the love on this one and give her a good Holiday! 💓

Succulent Clay Yarn Bowl by Jakey Creations

Last, but definitely NOT least 🦄

15. Unicorn Yarn Bowl with Crochet Patterns! by 3 AM Grace Designs

Oh, how I love unicorns! This unicorn yarn bowl set is adorable, and it comes with three even more adorable crochet patterns. This unicorn set will make the perfect gift set for a beginning crocheter or even the most advanced; they are just too cute. 🦄

Did you find something you like? I know I did, and if anyone wants to buy me a present – 🤣 Hint Hint!

Thanks for stopping by, and if you haven’t already checked out my tutorials and free patterns, take a look around.

Bonus Bowl!

A friend of mine who is a handmade seller from Amazon shared his yarn bowl with me and asked if I could link it here. I said SURE! This

16. Ravel Large Wooden Yarn Bowl with Handcrafted Bag & Engraved hooks

This yarn bowl is so elegant and upscale. I absolutely love it. If you have a crocheter in the family or a friend who loves elegant and smooth lines, this is the yarn bowl for them! You can find this beauty here, or click the photo.

Ravel Large Wooden Yarn Bowl with Handcrafted Bag & Engraved hooks

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