The other day I was inspired to crochet a dish drainer pad. I've been using Lily Sugar n' Cream for bathing suits and halter tops, because it absorbs water and dries fast. I figured it would be perfect for a dish dryer! Working the dish drainer pad inspired me to create some wash cloths for the bath, but I wanted the look of the waffle stitch, with a tighter weave.

Therefore, today I started playing around with Tunisian Crochet simple stitch.Β  It’s a

fabulous stitch!

The Tunisian simple stitch creates a nice mini waffle patter, it creates a thick finished piece, so it’s perfect for dish pads, and wash cloths.

I really enjoy this stitch, despite it’s tendency to curl. It’s been suggested that you block them out when you are finished or spray them with water and let them sit for a couple of days. Although, once I completed my piece, and worked the single crochet edging, it flattened. Spraying it with water helps a little too. It’s cotton, dries fast and flexible. ;).

I created a simple How-To tutorial if you are interested in learning this stitch.Β  You can find that here: video tutorial

I will be uploading a written pattern for this completed wash cloth soon, so keep an eye out!

In the meantime.

❀ Tasha

~Inspire, Learn, Create


Tunisian Crochet Simple Stich




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