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Welcome Stitch Explorers! 🍂 Hope everyone is having a great week! This weeks tutorial is a simple one that will teach you how to create a surface stitch. I’ve used the surface stitch in several projects and will be releasing a pattern in the next couple of weeks that uses it too (pictured below), so I wanted to get everyone familiar with it prior to releasing the pattern! 💘

Fuzzy Bee Winterset – Release date November 8th!

What is the surface stitch you ask? It’s a slip stitch that is worked similar to a running stitch (as in sewing), it starts by inserting your hook through the top of the work, grabbing the slip knot, and pulling it through to the surface. Then repeating that in any shape, way, or fashion you’d like!

Here are some examples of how to use a surface stitch, but it isn’t limited to just borders! You can creates words with it too!

This is a great example of using the surface stitch to create contrasting colors. This is a triangle wrap by Lili over at Lilinette Crochet. You can find this pattern here.

Hiedra Triangle Wrap by Lilinette Crochet Pattern is here.

This is a yet unreleased Mandala pattern I created last year (I’ll get around to releasing it one of these days!) As you can see I added a surface stitch to hide some seams and add a bit of contrast.

Here is another example where you can see both the front and the back and how it creates a different design for both sides.


If you ever need pattern support, I started a Facebook group called Stardust Gold Crochet & Friends where you’re welcome to share your patterns (paid or free- get your money on girl, I won’t stop you!) I only ask no spamming, but feel free to ask me *literally* anything. You can join here, hope to see you there!

Surface Stitch Video Tutorial at Bottom of Post

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If you like to learn new stitches, check out my Saturday Stitch Explorers series! I try to upload one every week! There is always a full video tutorial to accompany the written patterns too. :).

Surface Stitch Full Video Tutorial

If you have trouble playing this video, please visit it here on my YouTube channel, please subscribe while you are there! 😃 https://youtu.be/moBZarvJSSk

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Feel free to sell items created from this pattern, but please do not copy, distribute, or sell this pattern as your own.

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