The Child (Baby Yoda) C2C Crochet Pattern | Written & Row by Row

You asked, and I deliver! A few crochet buddies in a crochet group on Facebook said they want a C2C Baby Yoda graphgan pattern. This design is a long time coming, although I designed it a few months ago, I managed to get it up and out! The Child (Baby Yoda) C2C is a free crochet pattern filled with love and you’ll find the written pattern, as well as a graph for printing.

Even if you are not a Star Wars fan, you will love baby Yoda because he is just too cute. I created a few different designs and settled with the hearts because they seemed to fill the white space and make it a little cuter. lol. ๐Ÿ˜€ I grew up watching the Star Wars movies, and of course, being in love with Yoda, but this little guy overrides the Yoda of my youth. He is just adorable.

The written C2C pattern uses color blocks, which makes crocheting the blanket a bit easier. However, if you prefer to work from a graph, there is crochet graph available for print out below too.

The color scheme is Red Heart Super Saver done colors, which makes it easy to find colors to match the graph, but you’re welcome to use any colors you see fit! It’s your creation and I can’t wait to see it when you are finished. Please use hashtag #babyyodaC2C or #stardustgoldcrochet to show me your work!

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Baby Yoda C2C Crochet Pattern
Baby Yoda C2C Crochet Pattern

Ad-free versions of The Child (Baby Yoda) C2C:

I offer several ways to grab this crochet pattern. Of course, the C2C pattern is free on the blog, if you scroll down. I also have an ad-free version for FREE download when you sign up for my newsletter, and for $4.50 from my shop.

Grab ad-free PDF > file – The Child (Baby Yoda) C2C Crochet Pattern PDF

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Baby Yoda C2C
  • Baby Yoda C2C Crochet Pattern
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Baby Yoda C2C Crochet Pattern

I really enjoyed creating this pattern, as I mentioned in my post for the Bundled Bernie C2C graph pattern, creating crochet graphs is very satisfying. Above all, they allow me to get out my art vibe and also share some entertaining designs in the process.

This is why crochet graphs are so much fun to create and remind me of the paint-by-number artwork from the ’70s. What I love most about graphs is you can create just about anything. It can be time-consuming to create crochet graphs, though. A lot of detail and pixel-by-pixel work goes into it.

The finished graphghan ends up being a masterpiece, though, and that is my favorite part.

When I created my first crochet graph, the Rainbow Unicorn C2C graph (another freebie), I wasn’t aware of what I was getting myself into! I didn’t realize it would take hours and hours of work to perfect it; make sure there was no white space or blank squares.

Rainbow Unicorn C2C Finished Blanket with Blue Background

Another learning curve was discovering the size. Larger grid sizes look great! BUT, they are unrealistically HUGE unless you want to work the graph in a row-by-row fashion. Which is great, but we love C2C!

Therefore, below I’ve included some links to other posts I created about C2C and the graphing program I use to create my graphs. In addition, I included links to my C2C blanket size calculator, which has proven to be one of my most popular posts. For a good reason, too, it is so beneficial.

I really appreciate you stopping by my blog to get your free baby Yoda (the child) C2C graph! Time to get crocheting!

Are you new to C2C? The following Posts Will help you get started on learning how to C2C. I’ve created a few calculators and posts on the basics of C2C.

Learn the Basics of Corner to Corner Crochet – C2C Basics

C2C Basics Tutorial
C2C Basics – Learn the Basics of C2C Corner to Corner Crochet

C2C Crochet Calculator – How Big Will My Blanket Be?

Corner to Corner Calculator
C2C Crochet Calculator – How Big Will My Blanket Be? C2C calculator

Row-by-Row Blanket Size Calculator

Row by Row Crochet Blanket Size Calculator
Row-by-Row Blanket Size Calculator

5 Best Graphing Programs for C2C

c2c graphing programs
5 Best Graphing Programs for C2C

The Child (Baby Yoda) C2C Free Crochet Pattern

Baby Yoda The Child C2C Overlay
Baby Yoda C2C

C2C Written Color Blocks ๐Ÿงถ:

Grab your yarn and hook!

+ Materials

Finding the proper yarn for your project is your preference ideally, however, I made it simple and use colors to match Red Heart Super Saver in this pattern.

The stitch count can give you a better idea of how much yarn you will need for your project using Red Heart Super Saver yarns. You can find the stitch count below, along with a list of the recommended colorways.

Choosing your yarn colors and brand is entirely up to you and the options are endless! Remember to use the C2C blanket size calculator to determine how big your blanket will be.

+ Suggested Yarn

Below are the colors listed in the graph – see color chart below

Red Heart Super Saver Yarn Colors

Soft White9145
Warm Brown923
Frosty Green945
Light Grey325
Light Rasberry410
Petal Pink91

baby yoda c2c red heart super saver colors

I Have a Bunch of Free Crochet Patterns & Stitch Tutorials!

C2C Baby Yoda (The Child) Written Pattern

Below you will find the written C2C crochet pattern for Baby Yoda, along with the graphs. The written pattern looks a little funny here, however, the Baby Yoda (The Child) C2C Crochet Pattern PDF is prettier, of course! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

The PDF includes Row-by-Row written crochet pattern too! I hope you enjoy creating this crochet pattern!

Additionally, when you finish creating the pattern, please feel free to tag me on social media @stardustgoldcrochet or use the hashtag #BabyYodaC2C or #StardustGoldCrochet.

Baby Yoda C2C Cover Photo

The Child (Baby Yoda) C2C Written Crochet Pattern

The easiest way to download these images (because I use .webp extensions to make my site faster) is to take a screenshot or screen clipping. Similarly, you can use your mobile phone to download by touching and holding the photo, then “SAVE IMAGE.”

Written Instructions for baby yoda c2c crochet pattern page 1
Written Instructions for baby yoda c2c crochet pattern page 2
Written Instructions for baby yoda c2c crochet pattern page 3
Written Instructions for baby yoda c2c crochet pattern page 4
Written Instructions for baby yoda c2c crochet pattern page 5
Written Instructions for baby yoda c2c crochet pattern page 6

Baby Yoda C2C Crochet Graph

The best way to use these crochet graphs is to download them, print them out and tape them together. Because the graph is somewhat large, it may be difficult to see all the squares if you print it out on an 8.5″ x 11″ piece of paper.

Download full size image here.

Baby Yoda C2C Grid Graph

Congratulations! You Are Finished!

I hope you enjoyed this free pattern! Please share your finished works with me and share with your friends by using the hashtags mentioned above, I would love to see them.

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Baby Yoda C2C Crochet Pattern

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  1. Good afternoon Iโ€™m stuck on row 9 doing it row by row when I do it the way the pattern is written I have 2 extra stitches. Iโ€™ve tried a couple other ways and it doesnโ€™t look right. I also got to row 25 in my first attempt and had 3 extra stitches at the end of the row.


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