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30 Beautiful Free Crochet Cable Stitch Patterns to Die For

These free crochet cable stitch patterns are amazing and I am LOVING diving into the world of crochet cables.

I recently finished the Estrella Crochet Cables Headband (a free pattern) and discovered there are so many different ways to create crochet cable patterns. The Estrella headband is a great pattern to learn how to crochet cables.

In this post you will find beautiful free crochet cable stitch patterns for all skill levels.

30 free cable crochet patterns

Why Cable Stitches are So Much Fun

Cable stitches give your crochet items beautiful texture. Although there is a bit of a learning curve to learning how to crochet cables, once you master them, you’re ready to go!

Cable patterns make a great gift because they have that classic look to them.

Learn How to Crochet Cables

Are you new to crochet cables? That’s okay, I have you covered. I created a great tutorial to master cable crochet with some great tips for you.

This series will teach you everything you need to know about creating crochet cables. Including a video tutorial and picture tutorials on how to create the following front post stitches:

(These Posts will be up this week) The How to Crochet Cables it up now>>>

Check out the full tutorial on How to Crochet Cables. It’s one of those crochet techniques you’ll love having in your arsenal.

Crochet cable stitches use single crochet and double crochet stitches to create raised areas on the right side of the fabric. Doing this creates the classic cable pattern with a flat back.

Usually crochet cable patterns contain an easy repeat row of post stitches that provide for easy crocheting.

Beautiful Crochet Cable Stitch Patterns for Everyone

I’ve gathered together 30 stunning crochet cable stitch patterns for you to sink your crochet hooks into. Add these to your list of fun crochet projects.

Great for your winter fashion wardrobes and the home, includes crochet throw blanket patterns, baby blankets and more!

I’m certain you’ll find the perfect cable crochet pattern to meet your needs.

30 Beautiful Free Crochet Cable Stitch Patterns

I've gathered together 30 beautiful crochet cable patterns of varying skill levels. You are bound to find a beautiful crochet project to make this spring.

Thanks for being here!

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30 free cable crochet patterns

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