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31 Days of Crochet Challenge Blog Hop

Are you ready to take on the 31 Days of Crochet Challenge? We’ve gathered together 22 designers and tons of cute crochet patterns to keep you crocheting for a good cause!

Beginning on March 1st, a new FREE pattern PDF will be available each day for 24 hours. These patterns come together quickly and can be crocheted in no more than two hours!

What is the 31 Days of Crochet Challenge?

This blog hop is extra special. Not only do you receive a free pattern PDF, but I’m also crocheting each pattern every day!

My goal? To raise money for St. Jude this month.

And I invite you to join me on this challenge and make it a success for a good cause.

Whether you choose to take up the challenge or not, I’m thankful for your support. Read more about it below…

Grab my Lifetime Crochet Bundle When You Purchase the 31 Days of Crochet Challenge Bundle

Includes all my patterns + ALL future pattern releases for one low price! – Not a subscription.

31 Days Crochet Challenge (Instagram Story) (1)
31 Days of Crochet Challenge

So what is my challenge?

I am going to crochet ALL of the blog hop patterns (to the best of my ability!) That’s quite a tall order for me, but that’s why they call it a challenge right?

Are the patterns free?

Yes! The patterns are free! You can, of course, skip the clicks and get all 31 patterns today ($3 goes to St. Jude)

Don’t Miss A Pattern…

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How do I join the St. Jude Fundraiser?

In March, St. Jude is challenging people to do what they love and raise money for a good cause while doing it.

The blog hop 31 Days of Crochet Challenge can help you reach your goals to raise money if you want to create your own fundraiser too.

Join their Facebook group – Facebook Group and join the fun! There are tons of crocheters and knitters in the group raising money for St. Jude this month.

It says “knit” but they are a-okay with us crocheters joining in on the fundraising.

If you want to skip creating your own fundraiser, but want to help, you can purchase the bundle or donate to the fundraiser here.

How do I enter to win your FO’s?

At the end of the month, if I reach my goal, I will have 31 crocheted goodies to give away!

There are two ways to win!

The first is to post pics of your FO’s from each day of the hop and tag me on social media using the hashtags

#stardustgoldcrochet #31daysofcrochetchallenge

So here is how it works. On April 1st…

  • I’ll print out all the names and throw them into jar.
  • Next, I will randomly grab a finished object from the 31 I crocheted throughout the challenge.
  • Then, I randomly pick a name from the jar – that person wins the FO!
  • After that, I’ll send out the prizes within two weeks of the drawing (yay!)

I will be diligently working on the crocheting items in the blog hop daily. These crochet projects are estimated to take an hour or two each day of work.

So I’m excited to get started…and I decided to crochet them all with plushie yarn just to make it fun!

The Hexagon Blanket – The Grand Prize

I love the idea a crocheter posted in the St. Jude FB group. For each day of the month she crochets a hexagon, then pieces them together to form a giant blanket. I LOVE that! So I’m doing it too.

In addition to the 31 cute quick patterns, I’ll be crocheting a hexagon a day (I’m nuts right?) This will be fun!

I will do a live drawing with the bucket of items and cut pieces of paper up. Then draw names and match them to the items.

It’s a lot, but I think it will be fun 🤩.

Also for a good cause.

Grab the Bundle & Skip the Clicks!

The bundle includes all 31 patterns at your fingertips today. If you want to get a jump on the challenge – here’s where to start.


When you purchase the bundle, you get ALL 80 crochet patterns in my pattern library. PLUS ALL future pattern releases!

Meet the Designers

22 wonderful crochet designers have donated their patterns to the hop. Thank you wonderful designers!

31 Days Crochet Challenge (2)

The Patterns (31 Days of Crochet Challenge)

Come back here on March 1st to grab your patterns. Patterns & codes will be LIVE each day by 8 AM CST.

31 Days of Crochet Challenge Blog Hop

31 Quick & Fun Free Crochet Patterns - 1 Free Pattern PDF every day in the month of March!

Check back here March 1st to get your 1st pattern!

Day 31 – Valemount Trails Ear Warmer

Click the photo to get the free PDF – while you are there, scroll down.

I can’t wait to get started! I hope you’re excited too!

Thanks for being here,

Happy Crocheting Copy
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24 thoughts on “31 Days of Crochet Challenge Blog Hop”

  1. I just wanted to thank you for culling this group of designers. I am sure it was A LOT of work. This was a fun hop. Cheers!

    • You’re welcome! We have a bloggers group and they were all so kind to supply me with the pattern links to share with everyone.

  2. After getting the same message for the headband, I tried the purple button that said see more posts. This takes you to a number of blog posts. If you go down to #19, it’s the post for this blog hop. You will see a previous hat & under that, this pattern. I was able to download it easily. I am persistent LOL

  3. I didn’t know if you know that the 31 Day’s of Crochet Challenge isn’t working yet.I would like to thank all of the designers for the wonderful patterns.

  4. Hi,I keep getting “There Is A Problem With Coupon Code” whenever I type the code in for the diamond bobble headband in. And I’ve tried copying&pasting, typing it in on my own, all upper case, first letter upper case&rest lower case, removing it from my cart and adding it and the code again, removing it from my cart and going back to the designer’s website to hit the event button to start all over, and clearing my cache.I just don’t know what to do anymore. It is after 12am EST here in the US, but I have health issues that can make it hard to do things during most of the day (and part of the night occasionally 😅 😬) so I’m kinda at a loss right now about what to do.If nothing can be done, I understand. You and the designer have been great at handling things today. And I know you are dealing with your own health issues as well as the full time job of being a mom and wife plus a crochet designer plus the craziness that comes from a blog hop that doesn’t have many issues or the deadlines you set for yourself. I can’t imagine the stress you are going through and yet you are still sticking in there and doing this amazing blog hop, and in the name of charity. I just want you to know that I think you are amazing and want to thank you for this inspirational blog hop. And that I am praying for you, your health, and your family and that they stay healthy and strong with and for you.Thank you Tasha.Liz

    • Hey there Liz! I’m sorry I am just now seeing this. Sometimes you have to refresh or delete your cache. I test the codes each day before I post them, so it is an issue with your browser. Thanks for all the kind words. I forget about the comments here, so sorry again for the late reply. Message me on FB to get me faster if there is a code issue. It could also be a time zone thing. I’ve been keeping the codes active for 48 hours so hopefully that will help.

      • Thanks for getting back to me Tasha. I’ll keep FB messaging you in mind if I have any trouble in the future.But like I said in my message I did refresh and clear my cache and I actually did try the next day and got the same message.I haven’t had a problem before or since that pattern. So who knows. Just bad luck I guess and I wasn’t able to get a hold of the designer.As for the kind words, I said them because they were true, not just because they were kind. I hope thing go well for you for the rest of the blog hop and that you and you family stay healthy and happy this spring. And again I will try to remember to reach you on FB first instead of here.

        • Thanks so much! Yes, I don’t always see these comments right away. I’m always on my phone, but not always on my computer. Hope you are well!

      • It was the code itself as Tasha sent out a corrected code after I alerted her to the invalid code response I received on Ravelry upon checkout attempt. New code (which was the same code yet finally activated) then worked properly. It is sad when Designers blame their fans or fans browsers rather than checking into the issue and simply assuming the code is working properly.

  5. Thank you organising this blog hop, it is so much fun seeing all the different patterns. I know I won’t get to make them all right away.


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