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A Crochet Story of Kindness and Giving | Crocheter Helps A Widower Finish His Wife’s Blanket For Their Grandchild

I would like to share a crochet story of kindness of crocheters, that moved me to my core.

Many years ago, I started my crochet community Crochet Along with US. It has been a lot of fun crocheting with so many wonderful crocheters since then, sharing our progress and learning new techniques together.

A crochet story of kindness

Valerie S. joined the community a few years ago. She was very pleasant to talk to and I enjoyed watching the progress of her squares. She made sure to reach out to me with encouraging words on being our own advocates for health (because I deal with connective tissue disorder and fibromyalgia).

valeries cotton candy crochet story of kindness
Valerie’s Cotton Candy Square

In March, Valerie messaged me and said “I hope you are feeling better soon. I really appreciate you and what you are doing. You are a warrior. Hang in there. You are your best advocate. Believe me, I unfortunately know.” Her words encouraged me tremendously.

8 years ago, she was diagnosed with cancer, yet she found solace in crochet and crochet alongs. She continued to crochet the squares for the Sweet Treats Blanket despite battling for her life. She was planning on gifting the blanket to her granddaughter.

Hearing the News

On August 25th, I received a message from Valerie’s husband letting me know she had passed away. She succumbed to cancer, taken too soon, a fellow warrior.

“I just wanted to let you know that Valerie passed away. She was working on a blanket for our granddaughter, she was not able to finish it. I would like to have somebody finish it for her. Is there any way you could help me? Thanks”

It is always difficult to hear about the passing of a friend. However, what made it even harder was knowing she didn’t finish the Sweet Treats blanket for her grandchild.

Heartbreaking… Being a grandmother, I cannot imagine working so hard to give my grandson the gift of crochet and then passing away before he receives it.

Call Out to the Community

I wanted to help, but my own health issues and being very busy with the blog made it impossible. The only way I knew to help was to put a call out to our crochet community to lend a hand. They jumped at the chance to support a fellow crocheter.

cal group shout out
A crochet story of kindness

It’s a blessing to be able to help finish a child’s cherished gift with the help of the crochet community.

Sweet Treats Blanket Journey

It was Barbara T. who stepped up to the plate. The squares were gathered together and Richard mailed them all to Barbara in a package (along with Valerie’s yarn for connecting the squares).

On September 12, 2022, Barbara received the package. All 12 squares were complete, however, the task of joining them together was still ahead of her. 

Barbara messaged me, saying

“They are beautiful and soft. She did beautiful work. The tension was absolutely perfect, and the color changes were crisp and clean. The yarn (premier) was SO soft. Every child should have a blanket made by their grandma” – Barbara T.

– Barbara T.

The beautiful thing about experienced crocheters is that we’ve been doing this so long, we have a deep respect for other crocheters’ work.

Barbara said,

“she had edged all the squares in two rows of white, then joined them with a soft gray single crochet. I added a single row of half double crochet border in gray to tie it all together.”

Finishing the Blanket

Despite the roughest times, crocheters stand together and help each other. I’m eternally thankful for being a part of such a great community. It is with the deepest gratitude that I extend my sincere appreciation to Barbara for pouring her heart and soul into making Valerie’s blanket a reality.

On September 27th, Barbara sent the finished blanket back to Richard, and he sent me this photo of the finished blanket.

It turned out so beautiful!

sweet treats blanket by valerie crochet story of kindness
Sweet Treats Crochet Blanket by Valerie & Barbara

Likewise, as Barbara said “every child should have a blanket made by their grandma,” and it’s so wonderful that even though Valerie is in crochet heaven now; her beautiful blanket will be cherished for a lifetime by her grandchild.

We are all in this together, and it truly does take a village.

Our crochet along group is open to everyone, and we host crochet alongs every month. If you want to make the Sweet Treats Blanket, the squares are all forever free on the blog. The Sweet Treats CAL (Crochet Along) is a free crochet blanket pattern.

Additionally, you can purchase all the patterns in an ebook format for $10.99 – Sweet Treats Blanket eBook.

Sweet Treats blanket by Tasha Margette
Sweet Treats Blanket – My FIRST finished blanket!
Happy Crocheting Copy
Tasha's Signature

4 thoughts on “A Crochet Story of Kindness and Giving | Crocheter Helps A Widower Finish His Wife’s Blanket For Their Grandchild”

  1. What sad but awesome real life stories. I, too suffer from RA, lung fibrosis, fibromyalgia, etc, etc. I hope someone finishes all my WIP’s (LOL) that I have started if I pass away and they are not done. But enough of the boohoo. What a great group you have!

  2. I have a similar story. Over 50 years ago my grandmother started crocheting a zigzag (Chevron) afghan for me, but died before she could finish it. Her son’s wife (my mother’s sister-in-law) finished it shortly thereafter. I can tell it was made by two people because one end has sharper points and the other rounder ones. I don’t know who crocheted which end, but I loved them both. I’m still using it on my bed to keep me warm!

  3. Thank you for such a touching story. God bless each and everyone did help that little girl get that blanket. And I pray that your health is getting better every day. By Jesus stripes we are healed.

  4. Ah that made me cry. There are so many wonderful people out there whom God gave the gift of giving to. You, Tasha give of yourself when you share your patterns and your life, the crochet community who are always there to help and encourage. I feel privileged to be part of the crochet community.


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