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Sweet Treats Crochet Blanket (c2C) Free Pattern

I can’t even tell you how excited I am to be hosting the Sweet Treats Crochet Blanket CAL!  The Sweet Treats Blanket CAL 2022 is a free C2C Crochet Blanket Pattern with a design made for everyone with a sweet tooth! You love this crochet along for 2022.

My experience hosting a CAL is newbie status! The Fair Isle Crochet Beanie CAL was great fun (pattern is still available). I am new to the blog hop style CAL. Which makes it even more exciting, because we have 12 beautiful candy-themed crochet designs by some of your favorite crochet designers!

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sweet treats crochet blanket squares on a white wood floor sweet treats crochet along 2022

I don’t know about you, but I am a sugar-holic. 🍭 It’s not popular to love sugar as much as I do, but chocolate…I eat it every day! 🍫

As a child, I remember my mother in the kitchen, making fudge, chocolate chip cookies, bourbon balls, and so much more. 🍪🍬 The day I learned to make fudge from scratch was a beautiful moment. ✨

As an adult, she would spend weeks baking all kinds of sweet treats for the holidays. 🎄 Sugar cookies with beautiful colorful frosting. 🍪 She would pack it all up in those giant tins filled with tissue paper and give them as gifts every year. 🎁 I looked forward to it and of course, my daughter and I would eat it all with a quickness. 🏃‍♀️

There is just something so endearing about candy and childhood memories. Cotton candy at the fair, gumball machines, gummy bears, donuts, cupcakes…GAH! 🍬🎡🍩🧁 My mouth is watering. 😋 So, my grandson has already claimed the sweet treats crochet C2C Crochet Blanket! 🍬 I showed him pictures and he was like… “That’s mine!” LOL. 😂

Malena Straight of Straight Hooked finished her blanket this week – how exciting to see it all come together! 🎉

Sweet Treats C2C Blanket by Straight Hooked

I hope you are as excited as I am to get started!  Please read more about it below…

First things first…

Bookmark this page.  How do I do that?  Here is an article on how to bookmark pages.  The BEST way to never miss an update is to sign up for the Sweet Treats CAL newsletter.

A few more ways to bookmark the page:

  1. Double click the URL bar in your browser, hold and drag it to your favorites.
  2. Share it with yourself in a text message – copy the URL and send yourself a text message with the URL.
  3. E-mail it to yourself with the subject “Sweet Treats CAL” so you can find it again.

Sweet Treats Crochet Along 2022 Details

What is a Crochet Along you say?

If you aren’t familiar with a CAL, it means crochet along…okay, so what’s that?

Crochet alongs are where a bunch of wonderful makers like yourself get together and crochet the squares as a group.  We share our work as we go along, as questions, and most importantly…have fun!

A new pattern will premiere every Friday, and we try to keep the same pace as we crochet the blanket together.

How the Sweet Treats C2C Crochet Blanket Pattern Crochet Along works.

sweet treats blanket cal squares sweet treats crochet along 2022

The Sweet Treats C2C Crochet Blanket Pattern Crochet Along ran from January 28th and runs through April 22.  We have 8 designers including myself releasing new C2C crochet pattern squares each Friday, starting January 28th

This will give everyone a week to finish each square, with plenty of time to weave in your tails, block it, and get ready for the next square.

There are two weeks at the end of the CAL for working the borders and one week to post your finished blanket for the contests!

Check out the full schedule below at the bottom of the post and this is where you will find the pattern links too.

Sweet Treats Blanket eBook – C2C Crochet Blanket Pattern

If you prefer written instructions, a Sweet Treats Blanket CAL eBook is available for purchase today!  The eBook includes:

  • Charts
  • Written pattern of all designs
  • Tutorials on how to create the perfect crochet border.
  • Bordering the entire blanket.
  • And more..

The best part about grabbing the eBook is you have access to all the patterns at your fingertips TODAY!

Why is that wonderful?

  • You can work as fast as you like.
  • No waiting.
  • No clicking.
  • You get fast crocheter bragging rights!
  • Entering the contest will be easy!

After each pattern drops, hop over to Crochet-a-long-with-US community on Facebook.  You can chat with the designers, ask questions, post pics of your WIPs, join the WIP n’ stitch sessions and more…  

We are encouraging everyone to participate as much as possible in an interactive way so we can get to know each other and have a good time!

Crochet a long with us community button) (1000 x 200 px)

Don’t miss an update.

You will receive an e-mail every Friday when the new FREE CROCHET GRAPH pattern premieres.

Although you may already be a member of the Stargazers newsletter, please be sure to add yourself to the Sweet Treats CAL Newsletter so you’re certain to never miss a square!

The Giveaway

I’m so excited to be partnering with We Crochet for this CAL!  They have provided some fabulous yarns, notions, hooks and more…!

  • Weekly Giveaways!
  • Hashtag Contests
  • Photo Contests
  • Individual Square Contests & More!

We are using Brava Worsted weight yarn


  • Weekly prizes are available one week after announcing the winner. 
  • The final grand finale prizes will arrive to the winner within two of announcing the winner on May 6th.

Meet The Designers

I have teamed up with 9 other designers to bring you 12 different sweet candy treats designs!  Meet the designers!  Head over to their pages and give them love.  Crystal Lynn of Crochet a Memory, Erin Towes of Juniper & Oakes, Claire Goodale of E’Claire Makery, Malena Straight of Straight Hooked, Sonya Blackstone of Blackstone Designs, Emma Wilkinson of Emma Wilkinson Designs, Vicki Roberts of Off the Hook for You, Anne Hart of Northern Lights Fiber and Crafts and me of course!

The blog hop is started!

So glad you’re here! You’re going to love this C2C Crochet Blanket Pattern!

How big will my blanket be?

I get this question a lot and that is why I created an awesome C2C crochet calculator that will determine how big each square will be.  So far, mine are measuring around 15” using a 5.5 mm crochet hook (Bates style) and Brava Worsted weight yarn.

I use Mini C2C to create the squares in my blanket, if you are not familiar with this method of C2C, check out this article on How to Mini-C2C.

The Yarn.

Thanks to We Crochet for providing the yarn for the Sweet Treats CAL Free C2C Crochet Blanket Pattern!  When we were choosing colors for the blanket, I fell in love with the speckled yarn.  There are quite a few colors to choose from for this blanket, but don’t worry!  You can use yarn from your stash.

The Sweet Treats blankets uses a variety of colors, but you’re welcome to mix it up!  Choose colors that call to you.  It’s okay to get creative!

The yarn for this CAL is gifted to us by We Crochet – it is Brava Worsted.  It has a nice texture and is so easy to work with.  There are over 30 colors to choose from including those fabulous speckled colorways I mentioned above.

The Yardage

Grab your colors prior to the CAL, but if you don’t get them in time, not to worry because the CAL is running through April 29th!  You have plenty of time…don’t sweat it.

Brava Worsted Weight Yarn or any worsted weight yarn you choose.  The C2C calculator will help you determine the size of your squares easily.

The yardage will vary because of a few factors, like the hook size, tension, and the weight of yarn.  If you use the recommended yarn and hook size, you will need the following amount of skeins to complete it.  Using a 5.5 mm hook and a worsted weight yarn.

1 block of my C2C stitch measured around 14”.  I did a little math…and this is what I came up with.  This may vary depending on your tension.

Sweet Treats Blanket CAL yardage

The Pattern.

A new FREE graph will premieres every Friday starting January 28th on the featured designers blog.  Check back HERE when the CAL starts – scroll down to find the links to your patterns.

I will send you to their blog post where you grab the FREE CHART!

When you get there, search for this button to download your free pattern.

Sweet Treats CAL free chart

What is C2C?

C2C means corner-to-corner.  You are working each square from the bottom right size diagonally to the top left side.  If you are not familiar with C2C, please refer to my post called C2C Basics to get familiar with this fun crochet technique.  

C2C basics learn corner to corner crochet

C2C is great because you can use a graph to create some amazing patterns with wonderful color-work! Learn how to read a crochet graph here.

Getting Ready…

What to do next?

Pin it, Instagram it with #SweetTreatsCAL2022 or #StardustGoldCrochet

The Schedule

Every Friday starting January 28, a new design premieres! Yay!

How to download your free pattern:

  1. Click the image below
  2. It will take you to the designers blog post.
  3. On the Blog Post Scroll down and find this image to download your pattern.

January 28 Cupcake by Stardust Gold Crochet

Sweet Treats Cupcake Blanket Square sweet treats crochet along 2022

Week 1 – Sprinkled Cupcake Square by Stardust Gold Crochet

February 4Hug Me Conversation Heart by Crochet a Memory

Hug Me Heart by Crochet a Memory sweet treats crochet along 2022

The Hug Me Heart is LIVE on Crochet a Memory! Head over to Crochet a Memory and grab this beautiful pattern.

When you get there…

  1. Create an account.
  2. It will take you to the VIP area – then –
  3. Head back to Crochet a Memory post and click this image – your PDF will download automatically.

if you have trouble downloading or accessing the PDF – please contact Crystal Lynn at Crochet a Memory.

February 11 – Rocket Ice Lolly by Off the Hook for You

Ice Rocket Lolly Sweet Treats CAL

This weeks square is designed by Vicki Roberts of Off the Hook for You! Grab Rocket Ice Lolly on her blog or click the image below. When you get there, scroll down to find the download image mentioned above. The pattern will be live at 8 am CST on Friday, February 11th! Thanks for being here!

February 18Laffy Taffy by Crochet a Memory

Sweet Treats Square Laffy Taffy

The Laffy Taffy is LIVE on Crochet a Memory! Head over to Crochet a Memory and grab this beautiful pattern.

When you get there…

  1. Log in to your account – OR – Create an account.
  2. It will take you to the VIP area – then –
  3. Head back to Crochet a Memory post and click this image – your PDF will download automatically.

if you have trouble downloading or accessing the PDF – please contact Crystal Lynn at Crochet a Memory.

February 25Candy Apple by Stardust Gold Crochet

This weeks square is the Caramel Apple Square! designed by Stardust Gold Crochet (me) 🙃 – Click the image below or the title above to take you to the pattern – Happy Crocheting friends! So glad you are here.

C2C Candy Apple Blanket Square Square

March 4Blue Cotton Candy by Juniper & Oakes

Welcome to Week 6 of the Sweet Treats CAL! This weeks square is one of my favorite – The Blue Cotton Candy square. Head over to Erin’s blog to grab the free pattern today! When you get there, scroll down to find the download image mentioned above. The pattern will be live at 8 am CST on Friday, March 4th! Thanks for being here!

Sweet Treats Square Images (11)

March 11Ice Cream Sundae by Straight Hooked

Malena Straight is week 5’s designer in the Sweet Treats Blanket CAL – She designed an awesome Ice Cream Sundae and it’s so adorable. Head over to her blog and grab the graph! Thanks Malena for creating such a cute square!

Ice Cream Sundae C2C Square Sweet Treats CAL by Malena Straight of Straight Hooked.

March 18Sprinkle Donut by Blackstone Designs

Week 8 kicks off with a fun donut design by Sonya Blackstone from Blackstone Designs! I LOVE this square because donuts are just the best. I hope you enjoy making this square, and remember to sign up for Sonya’s e-mail list while you’re there. Show some love!

March 25Chocolate Lollipop by Emma Wilkinson Designs

Welcome to Week 9! This weeks design is the Chocolate Lollipop – grab the pattern and read more about it on Emma’s blog.

Sweet Treats Square Images (2)

April 1Cherry Cake by Stardust Gold Crochet

Welcome to Week 10 of the Sweet Treats CAL – I’m so happy you are all enjoying yourselves and please check out the latest pattern!

April 8Dreamsicle by Northern Lights Fiber and Crafts

This weeks square is designed by Ann Hart of Northern Lights Fiber Arts – but to grab the square, please the title above to grab the pattern.

Week 11 Dreamsicle C2C by Anne Hart

April 15Gummy Bear by E’Claire Makery

It’s our final week! Well, we have another week of the border, and of course, the final prizes for the last few weeks. I’m so thankful and grateful for you all making the Sweet Treats CAL a success. Enjoy this final cute Gummy Bear pattern designed by Claire Goodale of E’Claire Makery!

Crochet C2C Gummy Bear Pattern

April 22 Blanket Border

Sweet Treats Blanket Border Ideas

Bonus Squares!

Sweet Treats Blanket CAL Bonus Squares

I am SO excited about this awesome blog hop crochet along. Cannot wait to see you there!

Please leave any comments below, and thanks for visiting!

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