C2C Yardage Calculator | How Much Yarn do I Need for My c2C Blanket?

I get this question a lot! How much yarn do I need to make that? How much yarn will I need for this C2C blanket? I am hosting a blog hop crochet along right now called the Sweet Treats Blanket CAL. So I broke down and worked out the math for this one and I am so happy I did! The c2c yardage calculator is perfect!

I will be using this calculator for years to come and hope you will too!

How does the C2C Yardage Calculator Work?

It’s fairly simple actually. What you need to do is create a small C2C swatch (about three rows worth.

Follow the picture tutorial below then enter the number of inches in ONE of your squares. Enter the number of stitches used in your graph for that color…and walla!

Step 1.

Carefully cut your yarn closest to the edge of the stitches.

c2c yardage calculator step 1

Step 2.

Remove hook, pulling out the yarn.

c2c yardage calculator step 2

This is what it looks like.

c2c yardage calculator step 3

Pull out remaining yarn.

c2c yardage calculator step 4

Step 3.

Pull out the remaining yarn, lift the loop up and pull the yarn through.

c2c yardage calculator step 5

Step 4.

Cut yarn closest to the edge.

 step 6

Step 5.

Wet it slightly and pull it out so it lays flat, and measure it. This time mine was around 13″.

 step 7

After you do this…

Enter your numbers below and it will tell you…how many skeins of yarn you need.

C2C Yardage Calculator

What is C2C?

C2C means corner-to-corner.  You are working each square from the bottom right size diagonally to the top left side.  If you are not familiar with C2C, please refer to my post called C2C Basics to get familiar with this fun crochet technique.  

C2C basics learn corner to corner crochet

C2C is great because you can use a graph to create some amazing patterns with wonderful color-work! Learn how to read a crochet graph here.

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I am SO excited about this awesome blog hop crochet along. Cannot wait to see you there!

Please leave any comments below, and thanks for visiting!

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3 thoughts on “C2C Yardage Calculator | How Much Yarn do I Need for My c2C Blanket?”

  1. Do you have a calculator to determine how many skeins of yarn for a basic row by row aphgan or how many yards of yarn? If so, can you please provide the link as I am having trouble finding it if there is one.Thank you,Lynda

  2. I keep reading on my crochet FB groups that it takes more yarn to do the decrease on a C2C than on the increase. I can’t find any info online addressing this. Can you offer any insight? Thanks!

  3. I understand how to read a graph. Thank you for explaining that. But what I can’t understand is how to figure out (for me each stitch/block is aprox. 13″ of yarn) is how to follow the graph to know how much to spool of the color of yarn. Is there a trick to figure out that part? My first c2c I had to lots of loose ends because I would be short and would have to tie in additional yarn of that same color.


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