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Crochet Glass & Bottle Scrubby Pattern | Quick Crochet Projects for the Home

Upcycling is a big part of my life. I hate throwing away plastic! So when my kitchen bottle scrubby sponge became dirty and gross, I was stuck. I realized they didn’t have replacement sponges (at least I couldn’t find any). A light-bulb went off in my head and boom! I ran to my yarn stash and grabbed some Red Heart Scrubby Cotton and create my own Quick Beginner Crochet Glass & Bottle Scrubby Pattern.

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In this post You will Learn…

  • How to crochet a bottle kitchen scrubby.
  • Crocheting the double crochet.
  • Crochet working through the bottom of a chain.

Video Tutorial for Visual Learners

This tutorial cover the pattern from beginning to end. Perfect for a beginner wanting to learn the basics of crochet for this easy crochet pattern.

I created a full video on how to work this easy crochet glass & bottle scrubby pattern in this easy tutorial.

For you visual learners I have a complete video tutorial for this free crochet kitchen scrubby pattern as well.  If you aren’t able to view here on the blog you can find the tutorial on YouTube.

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Grab the PDF

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Fun Facts

Glass & Bottle Scrubby Crochet Patterns are reusable and sustainable crochet. The greatest part of this is you can use the yarn as stuffing for pillows after you finish using it for cleaning. Make sure you clean it really good before doing that, of course, and make sure dry it thoroughly.

If you are a crocheter that does festivals or fairs, this will be a perfect addition to your product line because so many mom’s out there would love to ditch that crusty sponge! Check out the full video tutorial! >>> Easy Glass & Bottle Kitchen Scrubby Crochet Pattern Video Tutorial.

Crochet Kitchen Scrubby Tasha Margette (11 of 19
Quick Crochet Kitchen Scrubby Pattern

Red Heart Scrubby Yarn has so many wonderful colors! I found all these colorways on the Maxim website.

I checked the pricing and it seems that Mary Maxim has the best pricing to buy this right now and SO many cute colors! I want more…

Red Heart Scrubby Yarn Colorways
Red Heart Scrubby Yarn Prices

Crochet Glass & Bottle Scrubby Pattern – Beginner Crochet Crochet Pattern

The Crochet Glass & Bottle Kitchen Scrubby is a free crochet pattern made with the crochet beginner in mind.

Simple stitches – double crochet & single crochet ONLY!

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Click photo to get the PDF or grab it here >>> Glass & Bottle Kitchen Scrubby Pattern

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Crochet Glass & Bottle Kitchen Scrubby Pattern

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Let’s get started!

Crochet Kitchen Scrubby Tasha Margette (7 of 16)
Crochet Kitchen Scrubby Pattern

Crochet Glass & Bottle Scrubby Pattern | Easy Beginner Crochet Pattern

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It’s all About the Yarn…

Red Heart Scrubby Yarn is a perfect yarn for this project. It actually works! It has some beautiful color choices and you can make some washcloth scrubbies to go along with your glass & bottle scrubby too! It’s a 4 weight yarn , but feels kind of like a 3 weight yarn.
Downside, it is a little hard to see the stitches, so you need to feel for them.

+ Skill Level


+ Gauge 

Not important for this one. 

+ Materials

Quick Crochet Coffee Cozy Pattern (13)

Suggested Yarn:

Red Heart Scrubby Yarn or other worsted weight yarn.

Yarn Details:

100% Polyester, 92 yds (84.124m) 3.5 oz (100 g) per skein.


  • Red Heart – Coconut
  • Bernat – Birch

+ Sizes/Finished Measurements

3-5″ Ball depending on what yarn you choose.

Yardage Needed:

Less than 1 skein.

+ Abbreviations:

scsingle crochet
dcdouble crochet
sl stslip stitch
*repeat instructions from *
**repeat instructions from **

+ Stitch guide:

Basic Stitches: 

(Underlined stitches are clickable) 

sc – single crochet 

Insert hook in indicated st, yo, draw up a loop, yo draw through both loops on hook. 

dc – double crochet 

Yo, insert hook in indicated st, yo, draw up a loop, *yo, draw through 2 loops, repeat from * two times.

+ Pattern Notes:

  • Chains do not count as stitches.
Crochet Kitchen Scrubby Tasha Margette (6 of 16)
Quick Coffee Crochet Cozy Pattern

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Crochet Kitchen Scrubby

+ Pattern:

Chain 23 + 2

Row 1: Dc in third chain from hook and in next 22 chains -23 dc.

Row 2: Ch 2, turn, dc in first stitch, and in next 22 dc – 23 dc.

The next row is a long written row because you will work one side, then work around the ends, down the other side and finish off on the opposite end. If you need help, please watch the tutorial, it’s only 11 minutes long.

Row 3: Ch 5, turn, sc in second chain from hook and in next 3 chains (4 sc), join with a sl st in next dc, *ch 5, sc in 2nd ch from hook and in next 3 chs, sl st in next dc, repeat from * across, sl st around the post of the last worked dc (see video if this is confusing), ch 5, sc in 2nd ch from hook and in next 3 chs, sl st around next post of dc, sl st in starting ch, **ch 5, sc in 2nd chain from hook and in next 3 chs, sl st in base of next dc, repeat from ** across, sl st around post of last worked dc, sl st around post of next dc – I counted around 48 little fingers, but this is a kitchen scrubby – so don’t fret if it isn’t PERFECT!

+ Assembly

Fold the scrubby in half and roll it, then push one side of the little “fingers” into the hole of your glass scrubby handle. Stop when all the fingers are through one side and the center of the dish scrubber ring is centered.

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Glass & Bottle Scrubby Pattern Video Tutorial

For some reason I am having trouble seeing the embedded video – If you are too, check out the video here: https://youtu.be/l9LB1PI6PFI

Congratulations! You Are Finished!

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Crochet Glass and Bottle Scrubby Pattern (2)
Glass & Bottle Crochet Kitchen Scrubby PIN

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