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Everything You Need to Build a Successful Crochet Blog

Welcome to the world of crochet blogging, where creativity and passion intertwine to create a vibrant online community!  In this post you will learn everything you need to build a successful crochet blog.

Are you ready to embark on a journey that not only satisfies your love for crochet but also allows you to connect with like-minded individuals from across the globe?

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Look no further, because I have everything you need to build a successful crochet blog right here.

In this ultimate guide, together, we will unlock the secrets to transforming your crochet skills into an engaging online platform that captivates readers, sparks inspiration, and ignites your own entrepreneurial spirit.

Whether you’re a seasoned crocheter or just starting out, this is your opportunity to shine brightly in the vast digital landscape.

If you are landing here from a google search, this guide is part of a larger series called “Blog The Right Way – Successful Crochet Blogging 4 Week Free Course”. But don’t worry – you are in the right place!

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Picture this: sharing your breathtaking crochet creations, guiding others through step-by-step tutorials, and witnessing the joy your projects bring to fellow enthusiasts.

Imagine the satisfaction of building a loyal following, connecting with fellow artisans, and even turning your passion into a profitable crochet biz?

With dedication, creativity, and a touch of technical know-how, all of this is within your reach.

In this post you will find…

Throughout this guide and course, we will delve into essential tips and tricks for:

  • Crafting compelling content
  • Optimizing your blog for maximum visibility
  • Harnessing the power of social media to reach a wider audience.

We’ll also explore:

  • Strategies for monetization
  • Collaboration opportunities
  • Fostering a thriving crochet community around your blog.

So, whether you aspire to share your favorite patterns, inspire others with your crochet journey, or simply want to showcase your unique creations to the world, this guide is your compass to success.

Get ready to unlock your potential, infuse your crochet blog with passion and authenticity, and embark on a remarkable adventure that blends your love for crochet with the power of the online sphere.

Are you ready to dive into the exciting realm of crochet blogging?

Let’s stitch together the foundation for your thriving online presence and watch your blog flourish into something truly extraordinary.

The possibilities are endless, and your crochet blog is just waiting to be unleashed upon the world. Get ready to embark on an inspiring journey of creativity, connection, and crochet magic!

Let’s Dive Deeper into Starting Your Crochet Blog…

Building a Strong Crochet Blog – the Foundation

As a crocheter who wants to dive into the world of crochet blogging there are a few questions you may be wondering?

Do Crochet Bloggers Make Money?

Yes, crochet bloggers have the potential to make money through various avenues, however, in order to make money as a crochet blogger, you need a few important things:

  1. Time: On average – a well crafted, SEO optimized blog post takes anywhere from 5-6 hours to create.  As a crocheter or crochet designer, this can increase substantially, because you will not only just be writing the post, but also filming tutorials and tech editing.
  2. Effort:  Crochet blogging takes dedication and effort.  The more effort you put into creating a beautiful blog, the better it will be.  But your efforts will go to waste if you don’t start your blog right and I’ll explain more about that later in the post.  
  3. Consistency:  Consistency is key.  Why?  Because all platforms reward consistency.  Why?  Because they LOVE when other people create content for them.  (PS, and so do crochet bloggers, but we will get into that later too)

While success and profitability vary from blogger to blogger, there are several ways crochet bloggers can generate income and I am here to help you narrow down which will be best for you.

Are you still with me and still want to embark on this journey?  I hope so!  I will continue to give you the absolute checklist of what to do and what not to do to become a successful crochet blogger.

How Do I Become a Crochet Blogger?

Just do it, but remember to do your blog the right way…

The best way to start your crochet blog journey is to create a plan of action before you write the first word or even start designing your crochet blog.  

There are several steps that are so important to take before you sit down and even think about website themes, hosting, platforms and more…

Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Start Your Crochet Blogging Journey

What crochet techniques and skills do I have that are unique?

Transforming your crochet skills into an engaging crochet blog can be a challenge, but it’s not impossible to stand out and create a successful crochet blog. 

Here is where niche comes into play.  How do you discover a niche when you’ve been crocheting just whatever, whenever you wanted forever!?  

Why is having a niche even important?

Discovering what crochet techniques you’re best at is extremely important because it’s what customers and followers will begin to associate you with.  Here’s why…

  • Niche helps your customers know what to expect from you.
  • Having a definite niche helps with marketing and branding your crochet blog.
  • Determining this sooner will help your workflow easier because you won’t constantly be wondering “what should I do next?”

Discovering a niche is probably the most difficult aspect of starting your crochet blog journey.  

We will dive deeper into figuring out a niche as we work through this course together.

It’s easy to say you want to start a blog and an entirely different thing to come up with regular content that people are searching for and interested in.  

A few ideas to start are as follows:

  • Sharing breathtaking crochet creations
  • Creating roundups and helpful guides
  • Guiding others through step-by-step tutorials

Optimizing Your Blog for Visibility

Visibility is the most important aspect of creating a successful blog and that takes a little time. 

Google will index your blog – after you sign up for google search console and go through the process of registering your blog by installing analytics codes into the header of the blog (sounds a little complicated right?)

One sure fire way to get your blog ranking fast is using keyword tools to help you find out what people are searching for.

Social media can help you get your blog noticed fast too by sharing your content in crochet groups.

Monetization and Collaboration

  • Ad Networks like Mediavine & Raptive (formerly Ad Thrive & Cafe Media)
  • Marketing Lead Magnets
  • Crochet Blogger Collabs (write a guest post)
  • Join blogger social groups on Facebook

There are so many ways to monetize your crochet blog.  The first and easiest way is to create a lead magnet using your email marketing to collect leads (more on that later in the course too).

I use MailerLite & FloDesk.  You can create a lead magnet with a workflow that provides an upsell at the end of it, for a pattern after offering up a free pattern!

It’s a great way to start your blog off right by not only collecting a lead (email) but also delivering a free pattern & offering an upsell.

Fostering a Thriving Crochet Community

  • Building a loyal following of fellow enthusiasts
  • Nurturing connections and interactions with readers

Building a crochet community again takes time.  But what we want to focus on for this course is YOUR BLOG and what it takes to build one.

A successfully planned blog doesn’t need social media to thrive or survive.  Think of social media as a tool, not a first start.  Your blog and making it the best it can be is first and foremost.

It’s easy to get lost in social media and feel like you have to compare yourself to other designers and bloggers, but just know this – you are unique and have something wonderful to offer the crochet community of the world.

Strategies for Successful Crochet Blog

  • Strategies to monetize your blog and increase traffic
  • Enhancing your blog’s visibility through effective marketing

We touched on this above.  It takes thoughtful planning to get your blog started off right and get the traffic and ranking you need right from the start.  

I’ve put together a free worksheet to help you narrow down your focus.  It includes links to keyword search tools and a blog starter checklist, as well as how to work through narrowing down your blog’s focus (niche).

Free Starting Your Blog Worksheet & Branding Canva Template

crochet branding and niche free template mock up
Branding and Niche Template

Thanks for being here! In the next module we will dive deeper into niche, branding, logo, and website platforms.

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