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Easy Granny Square Yardage Calculator: Why it’s So Awesome!

I am SO excited to share this easy Granny Square Yardage Calculator with you today! I’ve been toiling around in the background creating a bunch of amazing new calculators, I know you will find super handy.

This granny square yardage calculator is a tool that promises to transform the way you approach your granny square crochet projects.

I went a little wild and calculator happy this week. If you missed these other amazing calculators, check them out too. I also created an amazing free granny square yardage worksheet printable as a companion to these calculators.

More Fun Crochet Calculators!

Are you tired of guessing how much yarn you need for the ENTIRE project?

With the innovative Granny Square Yardage Calculator, those days of uncertainty are over.

These user-friendly calculators takes the guesswork out of estimating yardage, giving you the confidence to embark on your crochet journey with precision and ease.

Say goodbye to unfinished projects due to insufficient yarn and welcome a new way to plan your granny square project with confidence and save some money too!

No more wasting yarn – but if you do have yarn balls and scraps lying around, there is a yardage calculator for that too!

Head over and check out the 🧶 Yarn Yardage Calculators and discover 3 ways you can figure out yardage for those scraps.

Why is this Granny Square Yardage Calculator So Helpful?

  1. Precision Planning ✏️: Accurately estimate yardage for each round, ensuring you have enough yarn for your entire project.
  2. Waste Reduction 🗑️: Minimize leftover yarn by calculating the exact amount needed, reducing unnecessary excess.
  3. Project Budgeting 💰: Plan yarn purchases more effectively, saving money and avoiding overbuying.
  4. Stress-Free Crocheting 😌: Eliminate the worry of running out of yarn mid-project by calculating yardage beforehand.
  5. Color Coordination 🎨: Determine how much yarn is needed for each color, enabling seamless color changes.
  6. Multiple Rounds 🧮: Easily calculate yardage for multi-round granny squares with a few simple steps.
  7. Customization 🛠️: Adapt the calculator to your unique project, whether you’re using different yarn weights or colors.
  8. Project Replication 🔁: Accurately recreate patterns by noting down yardage for future use.
  9. Time Efficiency ⏰: Spend less time calculating yardage manually, freeing up more time for crocheting.
  10. Confidence Boost 💪: Crochet with confidence, knowing your yardage estimates are precise and reliable.

With a Granny Square Yardage Calculator, you can enjoy hassle-free crocheting, better project outcomes, and a more organized crafting experience overall.

Granny Square Yardage Calculator PIN

How to use the Granny Square Yardage Calculators – Step by Step

There are two ways you can determine yardage and perfectly plan out your next granny square project, whether it’s a blanket or a cardigan.

  1. By Weight.
  2. By Length.

We’re going to break both of them down here.

Calculating Yardage of Each Round by Weight

I spent a lot of time creating this calculator to make it easy to use and also accurate! There are two ways you can figure this out – by weight OR by length < click here to jump to length.

The granny square yardage calculator determines how many yards are in each color of your square *by weight* – so you can easily plan out your granny square crochet projects with better estimates on # of skeins you’ll need to complete it.

I got this from Amazon a while back because I decided I wanted to make my own specialized vitamin supplements. My allergy is a tough one, but this little scale comes in handy for this too! Grab it here.

But don’t fret if you don’t have a scale!

Granny Square Yardage Calculator Steps (3)

Granny Square Yarn Yardage Calculator by Weight

How to Calculate Granny Square Yarn Yardage by Weight

This is my favorite method because it just take a simple scale and about 10 – 15 minutes of crochet time.

Steps for Calculating Yardage by Weight:

  1. Crochet round 1, cut the yarn.
  2. Weigh it and write that number down.
  3. Work up round 2, cut the yarn, weight it, write that number down.
  4. Repeat that for each round of your granny square.
  5. Input the numbers into the calculator below to get your yardage.

Now, you’re saying – well, I’m using 5 colors and each one will be used on a different round, so how does this help me figure out the yardage for each color?

Fret not! That’s why I created this calculator and the free printable companion worksheet to help you figure out how much yarn you’ll need for your entire granny square crochet project!

Here is the Breakdown of the Formula, but remember, there are 4 free calculators in this post that will help you do all the math.

Here are the Steps:

1 – Crochet Round 1, cut the yarn

Granny Square Yardage Calculator Steps (2)

2 – Weigh it and write it down.

Granny Square Yardage Calculator Steps (6)

3 – Work up round 2, cut the yarn and weigh it

Granny Square Yardage Calculator Steps (7)
Granny Square Yardage Calculator Steps (8)

4 – repeat that for each color of your granny square

Granny Square Yardage Calculator Steps (1)

Free Granny Square Calculator Worksheet Companion Printable

To help you on this journey, I created a free printable companion worksheet you can download to write down all your measurements. It includes the formula too.

You’ll understand what I mean when you start weighing and calculating. The calculators below will help you determine the yardage for each round and total yardage for each square.

  • This worksheet will help you determine how many yards you need of *each* color to complete your finished project.
  • I am working on a calculator to do that, but it’s a doozy and may take a minute.
  • In the meantime, here is a handy worksheet to help you out.
Granny Square Yardage Calcuatlor Worksheet

Determining Round Weight and Yardage in a Crochet Granny Square

1. Determining Round Weight:

To calculate the weight of each round in your crochet granny square, subtract the weight of the previous round from the weight of the current round.

  • Round 1 Weight: Weight of Round 1 = 0.040 oz
  • Round 2 Weight: Weight of Round 2 = Weight of Round 2 – Weight of Round 1 = 0.104 oz – 0.040 oz = 0.064 oz
  • Round 3 Weight: Weight of Round 3 = Weight of Round 3 – Weight of Round 2 = 0.198 oz – 0.104 oz = 0.094 oz
  • Round 4 Weight (Final Weight of Entire Granny Square): Weight of Round 4 = Weight of Round 4 – Weight of Round 3 = 0.297 oz – 0.198 oz = 0.099 oz

2. Determining Yardage Based on Weight:

To calculate the yardage in each round of your crochet granny square based on weight, you can use the following formula:

Formula for Yardage in Each Round: Yardage in Round = (Weight of Round / Total Weight of Original Skein) × Total Yardage of Original Skein

Given: Total Weight of Original Skein = 3.5 oz (232 yards)


  • Yardage in Round 1: Yardage in Round 1 = (0.040 oz / 3.5 oz) × 232 yards = 2.651 yards
  • Yardage in Round 2: Yardage in Round 2 = (0.064 oz / 3.5 oz) × 232 yards = 4.229 yards
  • Yardage in Round 3: Yardage in Round 3 = (0.094 oz / 3.5 oz) × 232 yards = 6.249 yards
  • Yardage in Round 4 (Entire Granny Square): Yardage in Round 4 = (0.099 oz / 3.5 oz) × 232 yards = 6.588 yards

By using these equations, you can determine the weight of each round in your crochet granny square and calculate the corresponding yardage based on the weight. This approach allows you to estimate the yardage used in each round and plan your projects effectively.

Granny Square Yarn Yardage Calculator by Weight

4 Colors

5 Colors

6 Colors

Calculating Granny Square Yarn Yardage from Length of Yarn

This method may be a little more time consuming, but will give you the same return.

Figuring Out The Yardage by Length

If you’re looking to determine the yardage in a length of yarn that you’ve measured in inches, there’s a simple formula that can help.

By converting the measured length into yards, you’ll be able to estimate how much yarn you have on hand.

Formula: Yardage = Length of Yarn (in inches) / Length Unit Conversion Factor (yards or meters)

In the Imperial formula, the Length Unit Conversion Factor is the number of inches in a yard.

Since there are 36 inches in a yard, you would divide the measured length by 36 to convert it into yards.

Metric formula is the same, but instead enter the centimeters and divide by a meter.

Here are the Steps By Length

1 – Crochet Round 1, cut the yarn, then frog it.

crochet round 2 then rip it back

2. Measure it and write it down.

crochet your first round then measure it

3 – Crochet Round 1 again, then round 2, frog it (rip it back) and measure it, write it down.

measure the unraveled pieces

4 – Repeat that for each round (like I said, I a little time consuming right?

Enter the inches or centimeters into the calculator below to get yardage / meters for each round. You can download the worksheet to help you figure out the yardage for your entire granny square crochet project too!

Granny Square Yarn Yardage Calculator by Length

crochet studio

Crochet Studio APP – This is So Cool!

Check this out. This app is really a game changer for creating granny square projects or other blankets too that use multiple colors.

What’s Good About It.

  • Amazing color palettes / yarns
  • Mix and Match
  • Mood board creator
  • Export a written pattern! (amazing)

What’s Bad About It.

  • It’s in metrics, not imperial measurements
  • Yardage doesn’t account for a change in hook size or tension variations
  • Yarn database is limited, but growing every day!

Why I created these calculators

Sometimes something is great, but it doesn’t serve all the needs met, right? This app is so wonderful but here are a few areas it can improve:

  • If you decide to use a different hook, the yardage will be wrong.
  • Yarn choices are limited.

So that’s why this companion calculator and worksheet are so helpful…it fills in the gaps that Crochet Studio has and I can’t wait to see what more is coming from Crochet Studio.

But here is what it CAN do…

First, you choose a palette or create your own using the amazing yarns they have in their database.

Then, choose Generate Squares Blanket

crochet studio app for creating granny square patterns (2)

Next, you modify the blanket settings to your liking by sliding to change, you can customize manually or choose to randomize it.

crochet studio app for creating granny square patterns (4)

Customize it!

crochet studio app for creating granny square patterns (5)

Choose Make Some Magic to randomize it!

crochet studio app for creating granny square patterns (6)

And it spits out an amazing granny square blanket mockup! Which you can export to create a pritten written PDF! WOAH!

crochet studio app for creating granny square patterns (1)

If you keep tapping “Make Some Magic” it will continue to randomize it until you get the pattern you’d like.

Then you can export it to a PDF and it has all the yardage (using their yarn and hook size) and a written PDF! It’s amazing and I hope you love it.

Grab the app on Android or Apple IOS.

I used this to help me create my newest pattern which will be released in a about a month or so…I’m so excited! You can see my color palette above, and it’s SO retro…

Wrapping it UP!

And there you have it, the Granny Square Yardage Calculator – your new crafting companion for stress-free and accurate yarn estimation!

With this powerful tool in your hands, you’re ready to conquer granny square projects with confidence.

No more guesswork, no more uncertainty. Whether you’re planning a rainbow-hued masterpiece or a cozy blanket, this calculator has got your back.

Say goodbye to wasted yarn and hello to perfectly planned projects. Get ready to unleash your creativity and embark on crochet adventures like never before. Happy crocheting and happy calculating! 🧶

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