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Honeycomb Mesh Cropped T – Easy FREE Crochet Pattern

It’s still a little hot in Memphis, but this mesh T is perfect for those hot summer days. I used Lion Brand 24/7 cotton to create this pattern because of it’s lovely colors and awesome durability (sweat to be exact). It’s cool and breathable, and has a great stretch to it. Another positive is it is completely machine washable.

For this patter, I set out to create a simple mesh cropped tank that provides coverage, but is also cool, airy, and withstands all the summer elements. I took this canoeing and it was perfect!

Printable pattern PDF is available in my Ravelry & Etsy stores

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+Skill Level Easy

+Reading the Pattern

~ Because we are working with a mesh, we will count the squares, not the stitches . ~ Pattern is made by completing two panels and sewing them together working from top down.

+ Materials

Sizes Chains

Hook size:

4.5 mm

Tip:  Counting for sizing – count each square, because of the mesh pattern, we work into the ch spaces of each square.

Honeycomb Mesh Stitch Video Tutorial Here

For all sizes:

Row 1:  dc in 6th ch from hook, *ch 2, sk 2, dc in next chain* – repeat from * to * to end of row.

Row 2:  ch 4, turn.  *dc in next ch sp, ch 2* – repeat from * to * until you reach end of row.

Row 3 – X:  Repeat Row 2 – until you reach the desired number of rows or height in the table below.

 note: The height of the rows listed in the table below is your armhole depth.  If you’d like, you customize this armhole depth by adjusting the number of rows, or you can use the following table, which is  a general guide for armhole depth taken from the yarn council guidelines.

Remember:  this yarn and stitch will stretch about 2”- 3″ when worn, and I’ve accounted for the stretch in the tables, if it seems small when you put it on, just give it a day – it will stretch to perfect fit.

Sizes   Rows Armhole Depth
Child 4-6 8 4.5”
  6-8 9 5”
  8-10 10 5”
Youth/Adult XS 11 6”
Adult S 12 6”
  M 13 6.5”
  L 16 7”
  XL 17 7.5”
  XXL 18 8”
  1X 20-21 8.5-9”
  2X 22-23 9-9.5”
  3X 23-24 9.5-10.5

Once you reach the number of rows or measurement you wish, tie off, and weave in tails.

Next, we are going to mark the neck hole opening and sleeves, this is where we will create the remainder of the body. You can use different colored stitch markers, one color for the neck, and another color for the body.

Creating the Neck opening:

Using the table below.  Starting with the 1st square at each edge, counting inward.  Mark the final square (in the chain space) with a stitch marker.

Use the neck hole width guide to get an idea of how wide your neck hole should be (these averages are taken from the yarn council guides).  This will stretch, if it seems too tight, don’t worry ;).

Sizes   Sqs Neck hole width guide
Child 4-6 10 7”
  6-8 12 8”
  8-10 12 9”
Youth/Adult XS 14 11”
Adult S 15 12”
  M 15 13”
  L 16 14”
  XL 16 15”
  XXL 16 15”
  1X 16 16”
  2X 17 16”
  3X 18 17”

Creating the body boundaries:

Place the garment with neck opening side closest to you.  Use the table below to find the number of squares you will need for your size – start with the 1st square on your right and count inward to the left.  Mark that final counted square with a stitch marker.  Repeat this working from the right side counting in to the left.

Sizes   Sqs Sleeve depth from edge
Child 4-6 6 3”
  6-8 6 3.5”
  8-10 7 4”
Youth/Adult XS 7 4”
Adult S 8 4.5”
  M 8 4.5”
  L 9 5”
  XL 9 5.5”
  XXL 10 6”
  1X 11 6.5”
  2X 12 7”
  3X 13 7.5”

Creating the rest of the body:

Attach yarn in the chain space with the 1st stitch marker (like photo below).  Then work the following rows:

Row 1:  ch 4.  *dc in next ch sp, ch 2* – repeat from * to * until you reach next st marker (the last dc of the row should be in the square with the stitch marker).

Row 2 – X (see table below):  ch 4, turn.  *dc in ch sp, ch 2* – repeat from * to * until you reach the number of rows in the table below.

Of course, the length of the top length is completely up to you!  You can create more rows if you’d like, just remember to switch to a larger hook before your reach the top of the hips to give you a little more stretch on the hips.

The table below is how many body rows you’ll need to create a crop top.

Sizes   Rows
Child 4-6 9
  6-8 9
  8-10 9
Youth/Adult XS 10
Adult S 10
  M 11
  L 12
  XL 12
  XXL 13
  1X 15
  2X 16
  3X 17


You will have two panels.  Lay on top of each other and sew along the dotted lines as pictured below.


Congratulations!  You’re finished!





All photos and pattern is property of Stardust Gold Crochet. *** Feel free to sell items created from this pattern, but please do not copy, distribute, or sell this pattern as your own.

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Happy Crocheting 😊

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    You have to buy the pattern to find out the hook size….

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