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Coronet Lace Trim Tutorial | Beginner Crochet Video Tutorial | Stitch Explorers Series

Hi everyone! 👋🏼 Welcome to Stitch Explorers! We are switching up today and going to work a trim! 😃 I absolutely love the look of this trim, it has a classic look that would be wonderful on a table runner, the lining for a bohemian top, or a nice lace for purse or clutch.

I choose this trim today because it is a *very* easy 🤲, comprised of the three basic stitches, single crochet, double crochet & treble crochet, along with a few slip stitches in there. This is a great way if you are a beginner or even a bit advanced to hone your skills and provide some inspiration too!

I don’t know about you, but I love 🥰 learning new ways to crochet. Sometimes when I work a new stitch pattern, it gives me ideas on coming up with brand new stitch patterns to incorporate into my designs. Simply by learning new turns in the middle of a row, or different ways to create picots.

I was terrified 😨 of picots, but I love the way they look! This coronet lace trim will be perfect for those home decor projects, and even make a beautiful curtain tie back!

For the tutorial I used Scheepjes Stone-Washed DK in color 801.

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Complete video tutorial for the Iris Stitch is at the bottom of post – for all the visual learners out there.

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Are you ready to make it?  Let’s get started!

I hope you enjoy this stitch! Happy Crocheting!

Coronet Lace Trim

+ Abbreviations

sc single crochet
dc double crochet
trtreble crochet
ch (s)chain (s)
sl stslip stitch
yoyarn over
* … *repeat from * to * as many times indicated

+ Stitch Guide:

Colored stitches are clickable and will take you to the video tutorial.

sc – single crochet

insert hook in indicated st, yo, draw up a loop, yo draw through both loops on hook.

dc – double crochet

yo, insert hook in indicated st, yo, draw up a loop, *yo, draw through 2 loops* – repeat from * to * until you have one loop left on the hook.

tr – treble crochet

yo twice, insert hook in indicated st.  yo, draw up a loop, *yo, draw through 2 loops* repeat from * to * 3 times.

sl st – slip stitch

insert hook in indicated ch/st, yo, pull through all loops on hook.


  • Pattern is worked in rows
  • Pattern works in multiples of 7 sts + 1


For this tutorial I used I Scheepjes Stone Washed (DK) in color 801

Chain any multiple of 7 sts + 1

Row 1sc 1 in 2nd ch from hook, sc 1 in each of net 5 chs, *ch 7, turn, sk 5 sc, sc 1 in next sc, turn, (sc 6, ch 5, sc 6) in ch-7 sp, sc 1 in each of next 7 foundation ch*, rep from *…*, ending with 1 sc in last foundation ch, turn.

Row 2ch 4, turn, sk first sc, *sk next 6 sc, (dc 1, ch 3, ss 1 in first of the ch 3 just created) 4 times in ch-5 loop, dc 1 in same ch-5 loop, sk 6 sc, tr 1 in next sc*, rep from *…* to end, working last tr in ch 1, fasten off.

Attaching your trim to a finished piece.

  • Using a hook and your yarn, line up pieces, slip stitch together or…
  • Using a darning needle and thread, work through both pieces to attach, working through one loop on each piece which will give it a nice edge or…
  • Join pieces using a surface stitch to create a nice border.

Congratulations! You’re finished!

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Coronet Lace Trim Complete Video Tutorial:

If you have trouble playing the video, please click this link: https://youtu.be/Gy5JI6i58MQ

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Happy Crocheting Copy
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