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Mystery Fall Crochet Blanket CAL | Free C2C Blanket Crochet Along

The Mystery FALL Crochet Blanket CAL is almost here! I’m super excited about this one for a few reasons, and I’ll tell you why. But first, lets go over the details of the Mystery Fall Crochet CAL.

If you just arrived, please keep reading for the details.

The CAL is in full swing!

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Mystery Fall Crochet Blanket CAL

Welcome to the Fall Mystery CAL! Here are the details on what, when, and where!

  • When? September 23 – October 9th
  • Where? The pattern pieces will be released each day.
  • Collaborate & Crochet Together with me each day my Crochet Along With Us! on Facebook (or you can comment on the post).

Next Steps…

It’s a Mystery CAL, but here are a Few Hints…

The blanket is worked in C2C corner to corner method. Although, I will also release both versions (C2C & Row by Row) in each of their own posts for those of you that want to crochet a row by row version.

C2C Supplies List:

(Scroll Down For Row by Row Version)

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Approximate size for C2C:

C2C blanket size using 5.5. mm hook, suggested yarn, and double crochet C2C (5/2 method) will measure approximately 64″ wide by 64″

If you want to test this using the C2C Blanket Size Calculator, it will give you a better idea of how big YOUR blanket will be.

Adjusting Your Size:

If you want a smaller blanket, try using half double crochets instead of double crochets.

Projected yardage for C2C using 5.5 mm hook:

These numbers and yardage are based off my own crochet tension, hook size, and stitch. I used a double crochet 5/3 method and a 5.5 mm crochet hook. Calculate your own C2C yardage here.

  • Pumpkin – 3 skeins
  • Gold – 3 skeins
  • Aran Tweed – 4 skeins (these have less yardage)
  • Walnut – 1 Skein

You can use scrap yarn for these if you’d like…

  • Soft Rose – 1 skein
  • Fern – 1 Skein

If you want to know the exact number of skeins you will need – based off your own hook size, tension & stitch, please use my C2C yardage calculator.

Colors & how many Squares per Color:

Color# of Squares/StitchesC2C Skeins Needed
Aran Tweed20003
Soft Rose211
colors for fall mystery cal
Colors for Fall Mystery CAL

Row by Row Supplies List – Mystery Fall Crochet Blanket CAL

I am also releasing the pattern for the Row by Row version (which will take significantly less time that working it in C2C), so I will release those at a slower rate (so the secret isn’t revealed too fast!)

If you choose to create this project using single or double crochet your finished project size will be very different than using C2C.

Approximate sizes for Row by Row

Single Crochet: 21″ wide x 25″ tall – using 5.5. mm hook and suggested yarn.

Double Crochet: 46″ wide by 46″ tall – using 5.5. mm hook and suggested yarn

Single Crochet Row by Row

The hook & yarn are same as for C2C, but the yardage will change depending on if you are using a single crochet or double crochet stitch.

I did a sample swatch using a 5.5 mm hook, with medium tension and here is what I got:

  • 13 sc x 12 rows.
  • The yarn length of my single crochet measured around 2.5″.
  • I entered these numbers into my yardage calculator and I only needed around 1 skein per color! That’s fabulous.

Single Crochet Skeins & Stitches

Color# of Squares/StitchesSkeinYardage
Aran Tweed20001139
Soft Rose2111.5

Double Crochet Row by Row

I also created a sample swatch using double crochet stitches and this is what I got:

  • 13 sts & 8 rows per 4″ x 4″ swatch.
  • The yarn length of my double crochets measured around 3″, so again, I got about 1 skein!

Stitches & Skeins Needed for Double Crochet

Color# of Squares/StitchesSkeinYardage
Aran Tweed20001167
Soft Rose2111.75

Pattern Release Schedules:

C2C Mystery Blanket CAL Pattern Release Schedule

The CAL runs from Friday, September 23 to Sunday, October 9th.

Here is a breakdown of the C2C rows that will be released each day. I’ve done some calculations with the help of my boyfriend (who figured out the algorithm for me – thanks Tyler)!

I calculated that it takes me approximately 11 seconds to create 1 square using double crochet C2C.

So using that time, I determined how many rows to release each day to give you about an hour or so worth of work. I am a SLOW crocheter.

If you are faster, then this should be a breeze for you.

I will send out an e-mail and social post in the groups to let you know when that the rows are released and up on the blog.

Day 11 – 25
Day 226 – 36
Day 337 – 44
Day 445 – 51
Day 552 – 57
Day 658 – 62
Day 763 – 67
Day 868 – 72
Day 973 – 76
Day 1077 – 81
Day 1182 – 86
Day 1287 – 91
Day 1392 – 97
Day 1498 – 104
Day 15105 – 112
Day 16113 – 122
Day 17123 – 149

Row by Row Crochet Mystery Blanket CAL

I calculated this timeline based on how much time it takes to create a single crochet (will take approximately 5 hours to complete) & two double crochets (will take approximately 6 hours to complete).

So I will release these as follows:

Single Crochet Schedule

Day 11 – 15
Day 416 – 30
Day 731 – 45
Day 1046 – 60
Day 1361 – 75

Double Crochet Schedule

Day 11 – 12
Day 413 – 25
Day 726 – 37
Day 1038 – 49
Day 1350 – 61
Day 1662 – 75

The CAL is ON! If you are here and looking for the patterns, please visit and bookmark the following posts:

Sneak Peek of this beautiful blanket!

Mystery FALL C2C Blanket CAL (1)
Mystery Fall C2C Blanket CAL

Thanks for being here and I can’t wait to crochet along with you!

Please let me know if you have any questions.

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Mystery Fall Blanket Crochet Along

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