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Are you a Crochet Guru? Test your knowledge!

So you think you know your stuff when it comes to crochet? Test your knowledge of yarn weights, fibers, and other crochet essentials. Get ready to yarn on with this fun crochet knowledge quiz! 😁 Find out if you’re actually a crochet guru or tangled mess!

When you’re finished, share your results with your friends and challenge them to take the quiz too!

Also come back and check out my FREE crochet patterns and Crochet Stitch Tutorials to increase your crochet skills!  

Are you a Crochet Guru? Test you knowledge!

Are you a Crochet Guru? Test your knowledge!

What is the STANDARD HOOK SIZE for worsted weight yarn?
Which YARN FIBER is known for its warmth and softness?
What does the ABBREVIATION "sc" stand for in crochet patterns?
starting chain
What CROCHET TECHNIQUE is used to increase stitches in a row?
What does "GAUGE" mean in crochet?
What is the MOST COMMON CROCHET STITCH used to make blankets?
What is the PROCESS OF HIDING TAILS after you finish a project?
What is the best way to STORE YARN?
What is the purpose of a CROCHET TENSION GAUGE?
What is the name of the MOST COMMON DECORATIVE EDGE often added to blankets and scarves?
Are you a Crochet Guru? Test your knowledge!
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Your yarn odyssey has reached its end, revealing the extent of your crochet mastery. Keep up the good work! You’ve embarked on a journey of unraveling your potential.

Remember, the most intricate masterpiece starts with a single loop. So, keep practicing, keep exploring, and above all, keep having yarntastic fun!

So Are You a Crochet Guru or a Tangled Mess?

If you did well on the test! Fabulous! You’re a crochet wizard! But if you’re looking to up your skills, I have TONS of fun full crochet pattern video tutorials here on the blog (Crochet Stitch Tutorials) and on my Stardust Gold Crochet – YouTube

You can also join my Facebook group below to gain new skills and chat one on one with like minded crocheters.

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Have a fun crochet quiz idea? Leave a comment below!

Crochet Pattern Support

  • If you are looking for a drama-free crochet group, check out my pattern support group, Stardust Gold Crochet & Friends
  • We have fun and share crochet patterns, stories, and courses; you can ask me about any pattern in my library for support.
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