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Spring Bug Blanket Crochet Along hosted by Elimee Designs

Absolutely adorable 😍 spring C2C bug blanket is happening! The Spring Bug Blanket CAL (crochet along) is hosted by Nichola of Elimee Designs and it’s so much fun!

As some of you know, a last year I hosted the Sweet Treats C2C Blanket CAL and it was a hit! I absolutely love C2C collaborations & can’t wait to make this pattern myself.

This is a very similar collaboration, however, Nichola is hosting this one.

Spring Bug Blanket CAL Details

Spring Bug Blanket C2C Crochet Along

Join the Spring bug Crochet Blanket CAL & Blog Hop

The blanket will be released in parts over the next six weeks & at the end Elimee will walk you through creating the border and joining the squares together!  Best part is they are all FREE patterns.

  • The total size of the blanket is around 45″ x 60″ when using the recommended yarn and hook sizes.
  • 2 squares will be released per week on Mondays and Fridays for 6 weeks, the joining/border instructions will be released in the 7th week
  • Each square will be released as a free chart on the designer’s blog or from your Ravelry shop (the landing page will direct participants there)
  • The paid pattern bundle will contain both the charts and written instructions, tutorials etc. for all 12 squares

My Contribution to the Blanket

I went with a Luna Moth because they are just soooo beautiful. Luna Moths are known for their striking pale green wings and long, graceful tail streamers, making them one of the most distinctive and enchanting moths in North America.

These nocturnal beauties, symbols of transformation and renewal, have a brief adult life, living just long enough to reproduce.

luna moth C2C sqaure crochet-15

The Schedule:

  • Part 1: January 1st – Brody Bee Square by Nichola Griffiths of Elimee Designs
  • Part 2: January 5th – Lady Bug C2C Square by Erin Toews of Juniper & Oakes
  • Part 3: January 8th – Luna Moth C2C Square by Tasha Margette of Stardust Gold Crochet
  • Part 4: January 12th – Firefly Square by Lisa Ferrel of My Fingers Fly
  • Part 5: January 15th – Butterfly C2C Square by Jamie Morris of Remington Lane Crochet
  • Part 6: January 19th – Egyptian Scarab Beetle by Johanna Bolton of Gray Pony Lady
  • Part 7: January 22nd – Carl the Caterpillar by Maytina Shank of Craftopia Collective
  • Part 8: January 26th – Swaggety Stag Beetle C2C Square by Deb Ward of Hookanory
  • Part 9: January 29th – Super-fly Blue Bottle C2C Square by Deb Ward of Hookanory
  • Part 10: February 2nd  – Green Tortoise Beetle by Rosalie Reeves of Rosehip & Hawthorn
  • Part 11: February 5th – Leaf Insect by Sage Webster of Little Seal Designs
  • Part 12: February 9th – Dragonfly by Nichola Griffiths of Elimee Designs
  • Part 12: February 12th – Joining Instructions by Nichola Griffiths of Elimee Designs
  • Part 13: February 16th – Border Instructions by Nichola Griffiths of Elimee Designs

Get the Pattern Now

You can choose the get all 12 designs now, which makes it a lot easier to work at your own pace. Click the banner below or here

to get all 12 patterns for one low price.

buy the full pattern

Head Over to Elimee Designs

Now that you have a taste of what it’s all about, head over to Elimee’s blog and start crocheting! January is a big month. Bookmark the pages and

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Thanks for being here and I hope you have a lot of fun with the blankets! My feature day is the Luna Moth..

She will help you when needed and you’ll be learning together, which is always wonderful in our amazing crochet community.

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