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31 Flower Crochet Patterns | May Flowers Crochet Pattern Blog Hop

Are you ready for all the flowers you’re about to pick? Spring has definitely sprung here in Memphis, and the flowers are a’ bloomin’! That means it’s time to crochet up ALL the flowers. Here you’ll find 😊 31 Flower Crochet Patterns for all skill levels. Each pattern has flower themes to make your Spring bloom with flower love. 🌸🌼

31 Gorgeous Flower Patterns

Thanks to everyone who took part in the original blog hop! We had so much fun, but what’s even better is ALL these patterns are still up and you can scroll through and find the perfect flower crochet pattern for you.

Are All the Patterns FREE?

  • Not *all* the patterns are free, but most are!
  • Each designer has put together something special for you when you get there, whether it is a free pattern on the blog, a free PDF download, or a discounted PDF or even ALL of the above.
  • Enjoy your beautiful flower crochet patterns.

What Happens After the Hop?

Bookmark this page and come back to it anytime you’d like. It will magically transform into a roundup post that will stick around forever and I’ll update it now and then with fresh newly picked crochet flower patterns.

Don’t Miss A Pattern…

Crochet Pattern Support

  • If you are looking for a drama-free crochet group, check out my pattern support group, Stardust Gold Crochet & Friends
  • We have fun and share crochet patterns, stories, and courses; you can ask me about any pattern in my library for support.

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Meet the Designers

16 wonderful crochet designers add their amazing contributions to this crochet skill building collaboration. Thank you wonderful designers!

Meet the Designers Crochet May Flowers Blog Hop

The Patterns (31 Flower Crochet Patterns)

Thanks so much for stopping by and we hope you have fun upping your crochet skills. These patterns range from absolute beginner to a little more advanced.

31 Fun Flower Crochet Patterns

Welcome to 31 days of adorable flower crochet patterns! Each day in the month of May a new pattern will be added to the list. Check back each day to get the pattern. Some are free, others have discounts and I guarantee ALL of them are adorable! 🌸🌼

More Free Crochet Patterns…

If you love making kids projects, I have a few cute and crochet kid patterns here >>>

  1. Rainbow Unicorn C2C Blanket
  2. Baby Yoda C2C Blanket
  3. Sweet Treats C2C Blanket

I can’t wait to get started! I hope you’re excited too!

Thanks for being here,

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9 thoughts on “31 Flower Crochet Patterns | May Flowers Crochet Pattern Blog Hop”

  1. I am renewing a skill that my grandma taught me many years ago as a little girl. Recent life changing events have given me the time and opportunity to begin to crochet again and I am thrilled and delighted with your free patterns. I do not have much money to spare so the freebies are very much appreciated and very therapeutic. Thank you all of you for your amazing work and passing on of skills.

  2. Marie of Underground Crafter is offering her  Crochet Pattern: Constance Floral Granny Square as a Free PDF until 11:59pm eastern on June 2!

  3. Oh my! That sunflower hanging is a work of art! I’m so grateful for all the work all the designers have done to put together this blog hop!

  4. I’ve never been apart of a blog hop where you pay for the patterns. This is just a money grab. And not useful to the designers or me. I won’t even check them out if they can’t even give one free pattern. Sorry.

    • I really LOVE all of my supporters. We are here as business owners / crochet designers. Every designer has a different business model. I offer free crochet patterns on my blog and fee for PDFs. Some designers have only paid patterns. Others offer both free and paid patterns. It’s not a “money grab” to be paid for your work. You probably pay for goods and services all day long and don’t bat an eye. Paying a designer for her work – it’s valuable WORK that we do. Value it or don’t. But none of us owe you or anyone else anything for free. We “gift” our free patterns.

      • I appreciate you and all the designers that share their hard valuable work to us for free or a nominal fee!!! The patterns are all adorable and we can choose to pay a small fee or don’t! most of us here are very appreciative to you and the designers that chose to contribute to this event! Any one can chose to either enjoy these events or opt out! I chose along with so many chose to ENJOY THEM!!!! Thank you and all the designers for this!

  5. I created an account and was unable to download the free pattern for this bag. It kept going back to create an account.


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