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31 Free Fall Crochet Patterns | Autumn Harvest Crochet Fun

The days are getting shorter and that means it’s time for cool weather crochet! 🍄 🍂 🍁 The Autumn Harvest Crochet Blog Hop is filled with beautiful free fall crochet patterns.

What is the Autumn Harvest Blog Hop?

The Autumn Harvest Blog Hop 🍂 is a delightful and creative celebration of the fall season, where crochet enthusiasts and designers alike come together to share their passion for yarn crafting.

This virtual event features an impressive collection of 31 unique and free crochet patterns, all designed with the rich and warm colors of autumn in mind.

From cozy scarves and crochet sweaters to charming home decor and cuddly blankets, there’s something for every crocheter to enjoy and be inspired by.

What sets the Autumn Harvest Blog Hop apart is the incredible diversity of talent it showcases.

Each of the 31 free crochet patterns has been lovingly crafted by different skilled designers, each bringing their own artistic flair and expertise to the table.

Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced crocheter, you’ll find patterns that cater to your skill level and personal style, making it a fantastic opportunity to explore new techniques and expand your crochet repertoire.

As you may know, the blog hop format allows you to hop from one designer’s website to another, discovering new crochet designers, leaving comments, and sharing your own creations inspired by the patterns you find.

It’s a wonderful way to connect with like-minded individuals who share your love for fall, yarn, and creativity.

free fall crochet patterns

sneak peek at some of the beautiful crochet patterns in the hop.

First things first…

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Every day you’ll get a link to a special FREE CROCHET PATTERN!

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Autumn Harvest Crochet Blog Hop Details

What is a Blog Hop?

You may be wondering what a blog hop is, or you may have participated in one and didn’t know it!

  • A crochet designer creates a free crochet pattern post.
  • We share each others patterns with you each day throughout the month of August.
  • Discover discounts and some designers will be offering free PDF downloads too!
  • It’s that simple!

The crochet world can be overwhelming at times. There are so many designers and patterns out there.

How do you know if you’re getting something good?

Blog hops take away the guessing and save you a lot of time sifting through the internet for those perfect Fall crochet patterns.

Blog hops help everyone discover new crochet patterns from talented crochet designers unfamiliar to you and crochet patterns you’ve never seen before.

autumn harvest blog hop

Check back daily for new free crochet patterns! Here is where you will find all the patterns – a new free fall crochet pattern every day throughout the month of October!


I have teamed up with 19 other crochet designers to bring you 31 different FREE FALL CROCHET PATTERNS!

Head over to their blogs and pages to show them some love and explore their wonderful crochet patterns:

Amelia Makes, Roxy’s Crochet, Straight Hooked, Carroway Crochet, Raffamusa Designs, Keju-Crochet Design, Rich Textures Crochet, Vimala Vignesh, My Fingers Fly, Loops Only, My Crafty Pursuits, Craftopia Collective, Sunflower Cottage Crochet, Pattern Princess, Saiasmi Dreamz in Yarn, Cesca & Woodrow, Wanderland Crafts, Sweet Softies

31 Free Fall Crochet Patterns

Day 1 is here! This beautiful blanket is so pretty designed by Amelia Makes!

Autumn Harvest Blog Hop Free Fall Crochet Patterns

Please leave any comments below, and thanks for visiting!

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Autumn Harvest Blog Hop Free Fall Crochet Patterns

*any FREE pdf download participants agree to my privacy policy.

55 thoughts on “31 Free Fall Crochet Patterns | Autumn Harvest Crochet Fun”

  1. I’m looking all over for the Let It Snow blanket mentioned in the Nov 3 email but can’t find it (there’s no link in the email). I’ve now joined the Facebook CAL page & tried to find it here…I’m sad.

  2. Awwwwwkkkkk!!! the link to the Winter Blush free pdf is broken.. could you please fix it before end of day.Thanks you so much for all the wonderful patterns and to the artists who shared them/Barbara

  3. First, I loved this hop. I was introduced to new and talented pattern makers and old favorites. Second, I understand how much time and effort it takes to set something like this up. And lastly, to all the haters, you’ve been given 31 patterns for free. If you are unhappy, don’t join the hop.

    • I can’t figure out where to comment on my own so I will do it here. Thank you for the time and effort that went into this blog hop. Although some links didn’t work for me I still enjoyed it. Thank you

  4. I have been trying all day today (10/30/2023) to get today’s pattern. Every time I enter the code it tells me it is the incorrect code to try again. Has any one else had this happen to them today?

  5. I was wondering if anyone else had any trouble getting day 26 to work. I have subscribed several times and have received nothing. Can someone help with this?

  6. Love this BLOG HOP, but sad that the 2 hats for Oct 23 (Cupcake & Bucket hats) both do not have the free pdf button. These are super cute!

  7. Tasha you are amazing! I do take offense at free patterns being only offered in small sizes. I feel it is discrimination against people who are larger than small size and a trick to make us purchase.

  8. Thanks for sharing, but this time I agree with the other ladies’ disappointment! Again small sizes really? I am greatfull for all shares, but please next time an other designer who do not dislike ladies with other sizes than xs or s.

  9. I never subscribe to the crochet bundles i sometimes only like one item and the rest of the other patterns i do not like and would not pay the price they charge for the bundles

    • Completely agree, Janet. It’s so disappointing that the bundles can have such a mix, with designers thinking we’ll like most or all of the things in it. I usually like about half a dozen or less of the items at most. Personally, it’s not worth it to pay for a bundle containing only 3 patterns I like. Whatever happened to the blog hops where we’d have the option to get only the patterns we liked and skip the rest?

  10. The Winter Windows Throw is not free. The page says it is, but there currently is no button to actually click to get the pattern. This is not the only pattern by this designer that is labeled free, yet isn’t free. I am willing to pay for individual patterns, but not a subscription.

    • I should add that I didn’t see that there were supposed to be codes. I just found out about this blog hop and I must have missed that part in the intro. Anyway, the page for the Winter Windows Throw does say it is free yet, but there is no link to click where it says to click the link. Sorry, I just get annoyed when updates are not made to reflect reality. I won’t ever be subscribing to this designer’s community.

    • That was the first day gift. I did email to her and the lady shared it with me;) so problem solved same day. there was something with the link orso.

  11. I’m in agreement with several others. I’m disappointed that I can’t find the links for this sweater. I’ve been doing blog hops for almost 10 years. After looking & clicking for over 30 minutes, it’s not worth it. I have some time restrictions. Sorry…

  12. Oh how beautiful the crochet pumpkin C2C pumpkin blanket. Thank you for sharing with us your talents. I don’t know how to do this type of crochet, however it’s just a beautiful work of art.

  13. I was really excited until I realized the patterns weren’t available for download or available in a bundle. Disappointing discovery. I do understand this is a good way to drive traffic to other designers blogs, but I feel alot more traffic would be generated if the patterns were available for a free download. Regardless, I will try to plain text and screenshot a few.

    • I agree, Cindy. While I appreciate the work that went into creating the blog hop, most designers have free patterns on their blogs anyway. I was hoping for pdfs like the last blog hop I did.

    • They were free pdf’s each day so far. You have to follow the directions that are listed in the blog which will include the coupon code or it will just be a free download. You do have to travel to the designers blog as well.

      • Well, the designers should remove the language that says the pattern is free from their blog posts – the one I clicked only removed the link to download (but also, she has other patterns listed as free – even on Ravelry – but they aren’t available without a paid subscription).

  14. Disappointing that you can only have the free pattern for the coffee cardigan if you want a size medium, otherwise you need to pay for the pdf 🙁 Loving the others though!

  15. What a great variety of lovely, useful, cute, fun patterns. I have spotted several stocking-stuffer ideas already!(and maybe a few things for me.)Thank you for organizing it all.

  16. Absolutely beautiful Lois, I have left my email address for updates.. thanks for sharing your creativity with us!


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