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This is How to Read a Graph for Crochet C2C | Knit | Row by Row | Easy to Follow Tutorial

Learning to read a crochet graph is not as hard as it seems! In this post you will become a master and learn how to read a graph for crochet C2C, knit, and row by row. You will also learn that just about any graph can be turned into a crochet fabric 🧶 for sweaters, blankets, scarves 🧣 and more.

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My friend Crystal Long Marin over at Christa Co Design asked me to do a video on how to read a graph (thanks Crystal!), and of course I said absolutely! Crystal created a beautiful scarf (link to this pattern is at bottom of post) called the Rossi Scarf.

How to Read a Graph

Have you ever wondered how to read a graph for a crochet or knit project? It’s fairly easy if you follow a few guidelines. I created a video that demonstrates how to read a graph below. The video demonstrates how to read a graph for Row by Row & C2C, what all those numbers mean, what direction to work and much more…

Graphs can be used to create just about any crochet or knit project. There are so many fun applications for using a graph. I used graphing to create some a fair isle beanie. There is a CAL for this beanie! I did it in 2019, but Fair Isle is never going out of style right? If you are new to Fair Isle, check out the first post on this page, then work your way through to the end. There are video tutorials to help you work the entire beanie and the full pattern is spread out over these posts. If you just want the pattern, check it out on Ravelry here.

fair isle crochet beanie pattern (8)

and a few for winter & Valentine’s Day (the last two are free patterns).

Graphs are great for C2C blankets, and can be worked flat or in the round.

Let’s explore the different ways you can read a graph – the video below helps explain in greater detail.

Reading a Graph Row by Row

  • Row by Row graphs can be worked using single crochet or double crochet (2 dc = 1 pixel/square).
  • Each pixel (square) represents a stitch
  • Each row of pixels = 1 row
  • Usually row by row graphs are worked from the bottom of the graph to the top.

Different Ways to Start Your Crochet Graph Pattern

You can start with a foundation chain of the numbers of stitches in your graph, plus 1 or 2 for a turning chain depending on the stitch you choose – you can also use the sc turning chain method that Crystal Lynn demonstrates in her tutorials here.

Begin working the first stitch in the second chain from the hook for single crochet and the third chain from the hook for double crochet.

Or – you can create a foundation single crochet row, and this will replace the first row of your graph. If you use this method, it counts as your Row 1, therefore, keep in mind the direction you read row 2 will be different than if you use a chain to start.

Direction of Workflow for Row by Row Crochet Patterns

  • The first row reads right to left.
  • The second row, you will read left to right.
  • The third row, you will read right to left, and so on…until you reach the top.

Reading a C2C Graph

  • C2C graphs are read starting in the bottom right hand corner.
  • Then worked and read diagonally – see photo below

How to Read a Crochet Graph Video Tutorial

I hope this helps you create some beautiful work!

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The Rossi Scarf by Crystal of ChristaCo Design

Crystal Long Marin’s design – the new free pattern released today, called the Rossi Scarf. It’s so beautiful!

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