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31 Skill Building Crochet Patterns: Conquer Cozy Winter Makes

Are you ready to level up your crochet skills? It’s a new year and that means it’s time to learn new things! 😊 31 Skill Building Crochet Patterns, each one packed with fresh stitches and fancy techniques to make your crochet projects swoon with envy.

Get ready to dive into a yarn-tastic adventure with this blog hop that’s all about boosting your crochet superpowers! Think of it like a crochet boot camp, but way more fun and with zero push-ups (unless you really want to, then go for it!).

What is Crochet Skill Building?

This crochet pattern roundup is filled with crochet patterns meant to up your crochet skills, one stitch at a time!

The goal is to learn to new stitches, construction, and evolving our crochet skills to level up!

Learn New Crochet Skills

Sometimes crochet can be SO intimidating. Don’t be scared, we are here to walk you through everything and I have a great pattern support group (down below) where you can connect with other crocheters and personally ask me anything!

Don’t Miss A Pattern…

Are the patterns free?

Most! All but six of these amazing patterns are free on the designers blog with bonus discounts on the written PDF patterns!

Crochet Pattern Support

  • If you are looking for a drama-free crochet group, check out my pattern support group, Stardust Gold Crochet & Friends
  • We have fun and share crochet patterns, stories, and courses; you can ask me about any pattern in my library for support.

Visit My Pattern Shop the Infinite Yarniverse

If you like my patterns and want to support my crochet journey, I have a shop filled with wonderful crochet patterns, bundles & a Lifetime Crochet Pattern Bundle too!

Infinite Crochet Bundle

The Infinite Crochet Bundle is my special offer to subscribers that includes:

  • 98 Crochet Pattern PDFs
  • Fun Printables
  • All my future patterns too!
  • Grab all my patterns in one swoop!

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Crochet Skill Building Blog Hop

Meet the Designers

23 wonderful crochet designers add their amazing contributions to this crochet skill building collaboration. Thank you wonderful designers!

Meet the Designers Crochet Skill Building Blog Hop

The Patterns (31 Crochet Skill Building Crochet

Thanks so much for stopping by and we hope you have fun upping your crochet skills. These patterns range from absolute beginner to a little more advanced.

31 Skill Building Crochet Patterns

Welcome to the blog hop that will up your crochet skills in just one month! Come back each day to discover a new and exciting crochet pattern made to keep you guessing.

More Free Crochet Patterns…

If you love making kids projects, I have a few cute and crochet kid patterns here >>>

  1. Rainbow Unicorn C2C Blanket
  2. Baby Yoda C2C Blanket
  3. Sweet Treats C2C Blanket

I can’t wait to get started! I hope you’re excited too!

Thanks for being here,

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10 thoughts on “31 Skill Building Crochet Patterns: Conquer Cozy Winter Makes”

  1. I look forward to the new patterns every day. This has been wonderful especially in a month that’s usually very blah. Thank you!!!

  2. Beanielove didn’t work for Day 12 – I tried and tried for an hour and it didn’t work and now that I’ve tried hours later, it says the code has expired.

  3. I love this, but why can’t i still get day 2’s pattern. I was here an hour ago and then came back, just in case, but it is still the 2nd and the code for day 3 is up. Isn’t not supposed to be up until before 8am CST on day 3? It is not even 11 pm CST, and dy 2 is already changed. I have been sick all day and just woke up, I figured if i was here before midnight it was ok. You never posted a cut off time. Thanks for running this though, I know there can be glitches. I would have emailed, but I know they can go unnoticed if you get too many of them.

    • I update the post the evening before, but that shouldn’t change anything else for the codes. Not sure why you’d have that issue, unless you are in a different country?

      Also, some of the patterns in the hop are free on the designers blog only – no discount – others have discounts for the PDF and some are completely free PDF + free on the blog. It just depends and you need to read the description of the design to find out :). Hope that helps.
    • If there is a code it will be in the description of the pattern above. No all the patterns will have codes, as described in the post above too. Hope that helps!

  4. Thank you so much for this. I love learning new crochet and Tunisian crochet techniques. I was wondering where the discount codes were. I couldn’t find them. Thank you so much in advance!


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