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31 Easy and Fun Summer Crochet Patterns (FREE)

Are you ready for all the Summer makes you’re about to crochet? Summer has definitely arrived here in Memphis (it’s SO hot!) and time for some summer crochet makes! Here you’ll find 😊 31 Summer Crochet Patterns for all skill levels. Each pattern is made for easy and cool Summer fun ☀️🌸🍸

The Summer Lovers Blog Hop & Summer Lovers Crochet Bundle are sure to get your summer vibes going!

31 Quick & Easy Summer Crochet Patterns

Get all the details here!

Are All the Patterns FREE?

  • YES! + Several designers have added their PDFs to the bundle too!
  • BONUS’ – Each designer has put together something special for you when you get there – a special discount on the PDF or another special something!
  • Enjoy your quick and easy Summer crochet patterns.

How Does it Work?

  • Funs from July 1st to July 31st.
  • A new pattern will be added each day.
  • ALL of these patterns are FREE CROCHET PATTERNS! Yay!
  • Come back each day to get a link to the pattern + SOME designers are offering special discount codes for their PDF patterns
  • + EXTRA SPECIALS TOO! It’s a total surprise.

What Happens After the Hop?

Bookmark this page and come back to it anytime you’d like. It will magically transform into a roundup post that will stick around forever and I’ll update it now and then with fresh newly picked crochet flower patterns.


Together, several of our designers and I have created a bundle of 22 Summer Crochet Patterns including the following patterns!

The Summer Lovers Bundle is filled with 22 of the 31 patterns in this blog hop all in one place!

Grab the bundle
  • Cosmic Coozies by Stardust Gold Crochet
  • Ophelia the Octopus by Craftopia Collective
  • Gilmore Messenger Bag by Craftopia Collective
  • Darling Daisy Clutch Bag by The Crafty Therapist
  • Don’t be a Square Washcloth by SASS Crochet
  • Farmhouse Plaid Table Setting by Stardust Gold Crochet
  • Honeycomb Mesh T by Stardust Gold Crochet
  • More Than a Market Bag by Stardust Gold Crochet
  • Easy Lacy Infinity Scarf by My Fingers Fly
  • Snorkeling Pig by My Fingers Fly
  • Corona Beach Coverall by Stardust Gold Crochet
  • Tunisian Plant Coozies by Stardust Gold Crochet
  • Simple Tunisian Washcloth by Stardust Gold Crochet
  • Rainbow Dream Festival Top by Stardust Gold Crochet
  • Rainbow Mesh Top by Stardust Gold Crochet
  • Summer Flowers Messenger Bag by Stardust Gold Crochet
  • Sunflower Coasters by Stardust Gold Crochet
  • Sweet Stripes Market Tote Pattern by Green Fox Farms
  • Palm Beach Crossbody Bag by Stardust Gold Crochet
  • Sunflower Applique by Start Crochet
  • Water Bottle Holder by Start Crochet
summer lovers 22 summer crochet patterns

Don’t Miss A Pattern…

Crochet Pattern Support

  • If you are looking for a drama-free crochet group, check out my pattern support group, Stardust Gold Crochet & Friends
  • We have fun and share crochet patterns, stories, and courses; you can ask me about any pattern in my library for support.

Visit My Pattern Shop the Infinite Yarniverse

If you like my patterns and want to support my crochet journey, I have a shop filled with wonderful crochet patterns, bundles & a Lifetime Crochet Pattern Bundle too! Get 3 FREE downloads when you sign up!

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31 summer crochet patterns

Meet the Designers

We have a bunch of wonderful crochet designers and their amazing contributions to this Summer Lovers Blog Hop. Thank you wonderful designers! And the Summer Lovers Crochet Bundle has all the wonderful pattern in one place.

Summer Lovers Crochet Blog Hop

The Patterns (31 Summer Crochet Patterns)

I hope you find some fun and inspiring patterns in this round up blog hop! You’ll find tons of fun summer themed crochet patterns..

31 Free Summer Crochet Patterns

Here you'll find 31 amazing FREE Summer Crochet Patterns from cool mesh tops, to fun amigurumi patterns. Dive in and explore these adorable free summer themed crochet pattern and make your summer coooool!


More Free Crochet Patterns…

If you love making kids projects, I have a few cute and crochet kid patterns here >>>

  1. Rainbow Unicorn C2C Blanket
  2. Baby Yoda C2C Blanket
  3. Sweet Treats C2C Blanket

I can’t wait to get started! I hope you’re excited too!

Thanks for being here,

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26 thoughts on “31 Easy and Fun Summer Crochet Patterns (FREE)”

  1. If you are a frequent visitor to crochet sites most will tell you it is a free pattern which is on their blog and this is no exception. At least there is an offer for a discount as many do not do that.

  2. “Free on the blog” is not a free pattern. Access to a pattern is not the same as a copy of the pattern. Some of us don’t enjoy crocheting from a website. A free pattern is a PDF. An invitation to give your blog traffic while trying to follow the pattern in a maze of ads is not.

    • It’s free on the website. Its only a free PDF if it says “Free PDF”. Usually there’s a notation at the bottom (tagged “Bonus”) that says the PDF has a discount.

  3. Hi TashaI just wanted to say Thank You for having the link fir the blog. I haven’t yet seen anything I would make yet but there is still many more days.

  4. Today’s pattern has no coupon code for the “free” pattern. The link on the designer’s page goes to the designer’s shop, specifically for the sunflower. The shop SAYS to return to this page for the code for the free pattern, but the only code is a “bonus” for 30% off of ALL of the designer’s products. So is this also just “on the blog,” and if so, why is it linked back to this page for the coupon code, when it was there with the link to the designer’s product? Really confusing.

    • Okay, sorry, I was so confused, I missed the 50% off and “free on the blog,” and was more confused by the direct link to the item in the shop and “return for the code.” Ouch, guess it’s just too early.

  5. It says even on the Straight Hooked site that it’s a FREE pattern, then all of the sudden it’s only 50% off. Sadly confusing and misleading. 🙁

    • It’s a free pattern on her blog. I don’t understand why people think free pattern means free PDF. If I say free pattern, it means it is a free pattern. If I say it’s a free PDF, then it’s a free PDF. A free crochet pattern is a free crochet pattern. You’re not paying for the pattern.

  6. I can’t find a code anywhere and when it says get free pdf here it just has me sign up for your news letter which I already get. I really want this pattern so I can learn Tunisian crochet

    • You’re already signed up just enter your email and push the button then check your email again it’s not going to double up on any of the emails that you get sent for me.

  7. Never found the free pattern for today. Your website is too busy & full of pop up ads I had to “fight” my way out of. Not impressed !

    • I have to agree. Unless I just really want the pattern, I just don’t even bother with it. It’s hard to find the pdf download buttons (when they are free) and you just get bombarded with ads. It makes my browser slow way down because it’s is trying to play 5 ads at once.

      • Honestly and frankly, if people paid for patterns I wouldn’t need to put so many ads on my site. I personally hate them too! But this is my job.

        • Thank you so very much for the blog hop, the lovely web site, and access to the free patterns! Pop up ads can be irritating, but I will most definitely take those in order to get access to free patterns, especially such awesome ones. Imagine what it is like to feel so entitled to scoff at free patterns and complain to the maker about their site being “too busy” or “ad-filled”? LOL Some people’s children! The rest of us love and adore you and your work. YOU ROCK!

      • I think you and your site are wonderful! Thank you so much for the free patterns and tutorials! YOU ROCK TASHA! Please don’t let anyone make you think otherwise!


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