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The Best of 2022 Stardust Gold Crochet Patterns Roundup & Giveaway

We made it! 2022 is almost over and we are breaching a brand new year! Here you will find all the free crochet patterns I released in 2022 and some I spruced up and made free! Also, keep reading for the big GIVEAWAY news!

I’m so excited about the future and what 2023 holds for everyone.

I want to end this year with are bang! Which means giving away prizes and saying THANK YOU so much for supporting me throughout the years. Without your love, kind words, comments, shares and inspiration, I would just be driving around people in my car.

On a personal note…

What’s happened over the last few months is a dream come true for me! Along with your support and five years of working two jobs, I am now able to devote ALL of my time to the blog, designing, creating tutorials, and just living a life that helps me actually *enjoy* my life.

I know most of you know, I have a connective tissue disorder called hypermobility spectrum disorder (HSD) a form of Ehler’s Danlos Syndrome without the stretchy skin and dislocations. I just sublux all day (fun times!), although I’m grateful my end of the “spectrum” on this are mild subluxations.

I haven’t quite graduated to full dislocations and trying to prevent that actually! HSD causes a host of other issues that make it impossible for me to maintain a “normal” life (whatever normal is right?!)

So being able to work any hour of the day and from bed is perhaps the biggest blessing I could ever hope for. Those days where I can’t walk or focus, I am blessed to not feel the guilt of calling in sick.

I’m getting long winded….let’s get to what you came here for!

The Giveaway!

free crochet patterns giveaway


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Dates: December 30th (now) – January 6th 11:59 PM EST


  • $25 Gift Card to Crochet.com (We Crochet) – not a cash value card.
  • FREE Lifetime Bundle (77+ patterns!)
  • $30 Ravelry coupon code

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After you enter to win the big prizes – scroll down to Redeem your $7 Coupon Code…


Break the Code – Virtual Treasure Hunt

This is a little different than the Hidden Treasures blog hop, and a little more fun!

Everyone wins! The Hidden Treasure prize is a $7.00 coupon code to Ravelry OR the Infinite Yarniverse.

How to Play:

Visit all 6 of these posts (in order) and find the TREASURE CHEST graphic. Grab a pencil and write down the LETTER.

Once you have the full code, head over to the Infinite Yarniverse OR Ravelry to redeem your prize!

  1. Let it Snow C2C Graphghan & Row by Row pattern
  2. Joyful Gnomes C2C blanket
  3. Jingle All the Way VW Bus Plaid Blanket
  4. Kawaii C2C Pumpkin Fall Crochet Blanket Pattern
  5. Sweet Treats Blanket
  6. Flower Garden Blanket

My crochet designer friend MJ’s off the Hook is having a giveaway too and it reminds me of the Hidden Treasures hop so much I decided to do the same thing! Fun is fun! (PS…you should definitely enter her contest too! soooo many fun prizes)

Coupon Code is valid through January 7th, 2023.  The total doesn't roll over and must be used all at once.  No carried over balance.  One coupon per person. 

Don’t forget to scroll down and read the 2022 YEAR OF CROCHET PATTERNS IN REVIEW.

Last Day to Get this DEAL too!

lifetime membership

Lifetime Bundle SALE

88 + Patterns PLUS all future patterns


Sale $21 / Regular $35

2022 Free Crochet Patterns – Year in Review

When I started 2022 I set out to create blankets…lots of blankets! I achieved my goal and for the first time, I FINISHED my first crochet blanket! It took me months! But as I got better and faster…the next blanket I crocheted only took a month! Whew! Progress – not perfection right?

Here are all the patterns I released in 2022 and thank you all for sharing my crochet journey with me.

If you’re looking for ALL my free crochet patterns…

If you are looking for more free crochet patterns, check out the free crochet patterns archives and find all the free crochet pattern roundups here!

Stardust Gold Crochet's Best Free Patterns 2022

Thanks for all the support and I hope you find some of your favorites here. The 2022 year of patterns in review is filled with blankets! I set out in 2022 to complete my very first blanket and I did it!

Thanks for stopping by!

Thanks for sharing your stories with me over the years. Thank you for sending me kind words and inspiring me to keep going despite the pain! Your support means the WORLD to me.

Be safe tonight and have a great 2023!

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259 thoughts on “The Best of 2022 Stardust Gold Crochet Patterns Roundup & Giveaway”

  1. Hi, I also want in please!Happy New year everyone & I know I’m not alone in saying thank you for all your hard work sharing all your lovely patterns in 2022, it’s great to hear that you’ve now been able to go “Full time” crochet xx

  2. Hi, I also want in please!Happy New year everyone & I know I’m alone in saying thank you for all your hard work sharing all your lovely patterns in 2022, it’s great to hear that you’ve now been able to go “Full time” crochet xx

  3. Congratulations! I pray this move is beneficial in all the ways that are possible for you! We all grew up “double jointed,” showing off to all the new kids we met every time we had to move again. Only now, at 57+, do the dislocations hurt. Currently it’s my jaw. Chewing is just a form of torture! ;p

  4. I want in! Also, I used my coupon for the rainbow unicorn afghan, it said 1 file was for the C2C, and the other was for a row by row version. What actually was in the download was the C2C and a rainbow headband, not a row by row for the afghan. Please advise, thanks!

  5. I want in!Sorry I put in the wrong email initially! Thank you so much, and Happy New Year again! Hope 2023 is off to a wonderful start for you!

  6. I want in. I wish your comment field was at the top of the comments instead of the bottom. I’ve been scrolling for a long time to get here. Websites that make me scroll through seemingly endless adverts are such a huge waste of time. Just sayin’.

  7. I want in please and thanks! I wish you and your family a Happy New Year and hope that your health improves. Thanks for always being so positive and inspiring!

  8. Yay Tasha, wishing you all the very best & hope that your HSD stabilizes, with very best wishes for the future & yes please, I want in. LornaThank you.

  9. I want in!Thank you for the free pattern. It’s one of the first crochet things I fell in love with. Can’t wait to get started!

  10. Congratulations on your full time crochet career! So happy you can work from home and find time to care for yourself on days that are not so great for you Tasha. Thank you for a chance to win and Happy New Year’s to you and everyone else! I want in

  11. I most definitely want in! I know it’s not the same at all, but I live with chronic intractable migraine and I swear that crocheting and embroidery have saved my life. I crochet in bed a lot and it helps keep me connected.

  12. Be careful about that crocheting from bed, your bedroom might start to look like more of a yarn room! Take it from me! I WANT IN!

  13. I WANT IN! Thank you for all you do for the crochet community! I am thankful for my membership in your community, and I use your patters all the time. Happy New Year!

  14. I want in! By the way, I love your patterns! They are beautiful and easy for this self-taught crocheter to figure out. And thank you for sharing your story. I have neuropathy in my hands after chemo a few years back and can only crochet for about 20 min. at a sitting before they go numb, but I keep pushing forward. It’s nice to hear that you do, too! Best wishes in the new year!

  15. I want in!P.S. I’m at the beginning of a similar health journey, EDS plus several autoimmune diseases. I’m still trying to figure out how to work from home. Praying that 2023 has some solutions. Congrats on your transition to full-time designer! ❤️

  16. Thanks for sharing your story. I have carpal tunnel and am increasingly afraid that I am going to someday lose all ability to crochet. 😔 Nevertheless, I WANT IN. You are an awesome inspiration. Thank you!

  17. I want in! Happy New Year. I love all of your patterns and am so happy to be a Stargazer. Congratulations on this now being your full time job. So lucky for all of us who admire and follow you.

  18. Your optimistic outlook on life is so encouraging to read. I have always said that I am only concerned with my family and friends and their health, everything else does not matter. Live for today and enjoy family and friends. Thank you so much for always having that upbeat attitude. Happy New Year!

  19. I want In please, Thank you! My previous post had the wrong email address as my typing isn’t so great sometimes sorry.

  20. Thanks so much for the free pattern. I chose the Mandala infinity scarf and have a Mandala Cake that I can’t wait to use with the pattern!


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