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Welcome Stargazers! My name is Tasha and I’m the maker behind Stardust Crochet! Read more about my crochet journey on my about me page.

So happy you’re here. Here you will find my most recent crochet designs, blog posts, and crochet alongs! Welcome!


If you’d like to test my latest patterns, please head over to Yarnpond and check out my latest tests.

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Here are the latest happenings in my crochet yarniverse! Happy you are here!

Crochet Calculators, Tips & Tricks

Here you will find some fun posts on how to make you a better crocheter and designer! If you have ever tried to create a garment, blanket, or basic crochet project and get confused by the math; I’m here to help. I’ve created quite a few calculators to help you work your projects. Here you’ll find:

Winter Sets Bundle

More Free Crochet Patterns

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